An Introduction – Why a Journeys into Hackensack

 An Introduction – Why a Journeys into Hackensack

Journeys into Hackensack

Hackensack is on the threshold of a new era.

It was long in coming. Over the years, many proposals came and went. But then a few years back one started to take notice of the disappearance of old buildings and businesses. Next came the holes in the ground, and then the construction cranes. Now new sleek looking structures are unfolding around town. Another visible sign of the change is the re-fitting of Main and State Streets back into two-way thoroughfares, some 40 plus years after they went one-way in the hope of rejuvenating a stagnant & declining downtown. But now, after years of talk and false starts, one get the sense that long anticipated change is finally being palpably felt.

In the excitement, though, places familiar and thought to be fixtures of town have disappeared. Gone. Only the memories remain.

We launch this Journeys into Hackensack, as we have done elsewhere such as River Edge, Oradell, Canada and Florida to explore Hackensack's "offbeat, off the beaten path, overlooked and forgotten".

However, we also do so with the above mentioned changes in mind. We hope to chronicle and place into a larger context these places and aspects of the recent history of Hackensack, both old and new, before they are forgotten or overlooked. After all, these changes, though pronounced, are only the newest chapter of many in the unique and notable life of Hackensack.

So, after too long a time, there is finally some good reason for optimism and excitement in Hackensack.

It will be a new chapter. May we celebrate it as we also recall and honor what used to be special in town - appreciating what was once here, even if it might be unfamiliar to many today, because it is those people, places and things that made this new chapter of Hackensack possible.