A Resource for a Main Street Walking Tour

A Resource for a Main Street Walking Tour

Journeys into Hackensack

Did you know that there is a suggested walking tour of Main Street?

The distance of this walking tour is about two miles from the Courthouse Green to the former Sears building and back.

The tour starts at the Courthouse Green, the southern terminus for Main Street. It is also an area with historic significance as it is connected to General Washington and the Revolutionary War. The First Dutch Reformed Church Cemetery is just off Court Street. Of course, the Bergen County Courthouse, modeled after the U.S. Capitol is situated there as well.

It is one mile from the Courthouse north to the Sears building.

It is recommended to travel north on one side and back on the other – so as to minimize interactions with motor vehicles.

This tour list (from 2010) was extracted from the Hackensack portions of the Bergen County Historic Site Survey, complied by the Bergen County Office of Cultural and Historic Affairs in 1980 and revised in 2002. Some descriptions were modified due to changes in buildings.

Credit for the tour goes to Albert Dib, Hackensack Municipal Historian, as well as to Jeffrey Muller.

They recommend the restaurants and drinking establishments along the way to enhance the touring experience.

It would be interesting to walk the course and contrast the history and description from 2010 to the changes taking place today.

For more: http://www.hackensack.org/filestorage/6825/6845/8439/Historic_Walking_Tour.pdf

A Resource for a Main Street Walking Tour

Photo credit: Johnson Public Library