A Hackensack Short - A New Start for a Longtime Business Location

A Hackensack Short - A New Start for a Longtime Business Location

Journeys into Hackensack

There’s not much of Hackensack along Route 4, but what is there is creating a bit of a buzz these days. Folks have noticed the addition of a number of billboards in the stretch between the river and the bridge into River Edge (yes, a small stretch in River Edge just before Paramus). But it is enthusiasts of Chick-fil-A that are especially enthused. Just past the Coach House Restaurant (Anyone remember when Holly’s was there?) at Hackensack Avenue, construction continues for a new outlet of the fast food chicken eatery. Though the franchise has a number of eateries in Paramus and nearby, this opening of a new place just around the corner of the Bergen Academies and Fairleigh Dickinson University is creating a stir. It has also created a backlog of traffic on Route 4 (as if we needed an excuse for further slow-downs on the highway).

Lost in the excitement is the passing of the building that stood on the site until its recent demolition. It last was a Hooters/FireWaters. But before that it had a varied life – hosting businesses such as a car dealership (Not sure if it was a Lincoln Mercury or Pontiac dealership moving to Hackensack Avenue… – Does anyone recall?). It then was host to places such as the Brass Bell (eatery and dance place), a short-lived hamburger, hot dog, French fries, deli emporium in the spirit of Deli City in NYC during the 1970’s and then a Ground Round. Do you have any recollections of that site?

And do you share the excitement of the arrival of a Chick-fil-A there?

Let’s get your take about that stretch of Route 4 in Hackensack – then and now.