A Bergen County Institution & Its Ties to Hackensack

A Bergen County Institution & Its Ties to Hackensack

Journeys into Hackensack

Baumgart’s has long been a local mainstay (One article speaks to its origins in 1944) Associated by me and many others with Englewood, it was long an ice cream and coffee shop restaurant. Over the last few decades, it added a focus on Asian cuisine, as it opened locations in places such as Ridgewood, Edgewater and Livingston.

At the same time, over the years and through the changes they preserved many of the existing vintage elements that give the place a throwback feel – it still has the look and feel of a classic soda fountain i.e. the marble counter, the spinning stools, and terrazzo floors. As significantly, its homemade ice cream has remained - made by the son of the original Baumgart’s owner.

The eatery was recently in the news when it announced its intention to close its original location in Englewood. But thanks in part to a public outcry this decision was reversed and this landmark spot remains open.

But it was real news to me to discover, while looking through the hackensacknow.org community bulletin board area dedicated to historic images, this artifact.

Buamgart’s was located in Hackensack.

The address was 215 Main Street – later the home of Pheifer’s.

There is no indication of the year, but the phone number may provide a clue.

Do you have anything to add about Baumgart’s and especially about its time in Hackensack ?

Image Crediy: hackensacknow.org

A Bergen County Institution & Its Ties to Hackensack