Uniquely Ellicott City

Uniquely Ellicott City

Journeys into Ellicott City

Historically, events, and things that made (make) Ellicott City unique:

- Site one of the largest milling operations in the colonies

- The National Road was started here

- The first railroad terminal was established here in 1830

- One of the first academic institutions in the country solely for women, the Patapsco Female Institute, was opened in this town in 1837.

- Civil War prisoners were confined here, and the war dead from Gettysburg and Antietam were transported through town by rail on their way to their final destination.

- Babe Ruth was married at St. Paul's Catholic Church in 1914.

- Access to rivers was an asset but also a liability when ravaged by floods

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Source: Howard County - https://assets.simpleviewinc.com/simpleview/image/upload/v1/clients/howardcounty/HOCO_OEC_Historic_Sites_Map_FP_Interactive_90d24bdf-bc1e-499e-b206-d9603e4f0905.pdf

Uniquely Ellicott City

Image credit: visit Howard County