Trautwein Farm was THE farm

Trautwein Farm was THE farm

Journeys into Closter

Recently drove through Montvale and noticed a new Wegman's and other high end shoppes where the DiPietro Farm once stood. Some apple trees were saved and a tractor graces the site. It looks like they are trying to honor the history of the place. But in an area that once included DiPietro's, Tice's, Van Riper's, only the Demarest Farm is still around

Locally, the scene has changed as well. There is still a big void for many who recall the Trautwin Farm. Later called The Farm the place truly was THE farm of Closter.

Until December 25, 2013, the farm had been serving the area since the late 1800’s, providing corn, strawberries, broccoli, pumpkins, asparagus, and rhubarb which were sold by the Trautwein family at a roadside stand.

It was, in fact, the last  family-owned farmland in Closter. George E. Trautwein and his family had owned the land on Piermont Road and Homans Avenue since 1898, producing broccoli, corn, tomatoes and other vegetables to sell at the family's roadside stand on Piermont Road.

But after 1982's harvest, Mr. Trautwein sold 18 acres to a local partnership headed by Cormack J. Flood, a Bergenfield developer, retaining only five acres with a few greenhouses and the produce stand. A subdivision ensued.

Even with the new development, farming of a sort continued. Mr. Trautwein's cousin, William Ehert, leased land in the borough from the Hackensack Water Company and continued growing corn and vegetables for sale at the Trautweins' roadside stand.

After purchasing the farm from the Trautwein family in 2002, The Farm continued the Trautwein tradition - selling in-season, locally grown produce, baked goods, cold salads, sandwiches and more.

But The Farm is also remembered for more, especially in the Fall, with images coming to mind of its mums and other colorful fall flowers, as well as a spooky house of horrors. There was even a petting zoo.

Subsequently, a new version of The Farm opened down the block in Closter Commons. It remained popular featuring more prepared foods, an expanded bakery and gourmet cheeses. And, they continued to serve their homemade doughnuts.

A few years back The Farm became The Barn. But that establishment recently closed in November of 2018.

Today these names and locations are memories.

There is a farm stand, but it is too be found elsewhere - at the the Abram Demaree Homestead. They launched a Country Farm Stand store a few years ago serving local, organic produce and prepared foods fives days a week with food sourced from their 14-acre farmland.