Closter's Enduring Rush Hour

Closter's Enduring Rush Hour

Journeys into Closter

There's a wonderful Facebook Page devoted to items and recollections from Closter. It's called - "Are You From Closter ?". While looking through it, we recently came across a great image.

It is of a street scene from 1962. The intersection is the corner of Piermont Road and Closter Dock Road. There is a traffic light of that era. There is what looks like a Red and Tan bus at the corner and there are other cars passing and waiting. The caption describes the time 4:30 p.m.

Closter's Enduring Rush Hour

What strikes this admirer is how similar and familiar it is while at the same time so different from what we experience today.

We are separated by decades. There is changed streetscape. Changed styles in vehicles. A changed sensibility by the drivers - how they drive and their notion of community.

But through all these differences, it is at its core image that connects us to those back then. We understand them and what was going on. We suspect that they would understand and sympathize with what we face at the same intersection at a 4:30 some afternoon in 2019.

Endearing ? Maybe - maybe not. But certainly enduring.

With thanks and credit to David Sennett for posting. And, with thanks to the folks at Are You from Closter ? for a great page.