O Canada Considered

O Canada Considered

A Journey into Canada -150

It was not too long ago that the notion of playing O Canada was relatively simple. There was an English version and a French version. The later Roger Doucet helped popularize the bilingual version.

The anthem was most usually performed by a military band. Often it was by organ or piano or chorus.

It was not all that long ago that some preferred Maple Leaf Forever, the national song with its connections to the British Crown.

Today, much has changed. There are so many different versions of O Canada, reflecting the diversity and evolution of Canadian society.

When it comes to the anthem we lean towards tradition.

During the course of Canada's celebratory year we will share some versions, traditional and otherwise, with you. Here are two - a historic classic of the CNE Chorus recorded in 1927 (along with Maple Leaf Forever) ; as well as one of the best we have heard (Vancouver Symphony recorded for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics).

(We hope you will share your favourites with us as well).

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