The Lost Architecture of Cambridge

The Lost Architecture of Cambridge

A Journey into Cambridge

Reading the local papers, one will find many new projects on the boards. Some are quite exciting. Others come with a bit of controversy.

In contemplating the local balance between old and new, we came across an interesting posting that we wanted to share with you. It comes courtesy of Idea Exchange, which is dedicated to "creating an environment of curiosity and discovery, meeting the lifelong learning, reading and creative needs of our community at 5 locations across the City of Cambridge". It offers free access to library materials and services, online databases and courses, and a variety of programs, events and art exhibitions. It also offers this entry entitled "Lost Architecture of Cambridge":

Anyone giving a walking tour of Cambridge will need to mention ghost buildings – buildings once important but since demolished. Some of these buildings were hard fought heritage battles, such as that for the old Galt Hospital, and some disappeared literally overnight, as when the Iroquois Hotel went up in flames in downtown Galt. Some, like the Grandview School, might not be missed.

Here's how to get a look at some wonderful historical photos and the stories behind them.