Cambridge's Newest Commercial Core

Cambridge's Newest Commercial Core

A Journey into Cambridge

Cambridge is an example of a growing 21st century city that others look at with envy.

Amalgamated in 1973 from three long-standing communities, Cambridge finds itself as part of the Technology Triangle and strategically located near Toronto and the Golden Horseshoe of Southern Ontario.

As a result the area has grown and a rapid pace. As Cambridge has developed the open spaces between the original municipalities have been filled in a fourth commercial core, much of it near the 401, only 45 minutes from Toronto.

Industry sources say that developers are attracted to farmland because it is available, uncluttered, and right next door to existing residential developments.

Such growth provides much opportunity. It brings companies, workers, visitors, amenities and dollars.

At the same time, it beings challenges.

Some one argue that Cambridge is already part of the GTA.

According to census data, McCabe said suburbs are replacing farmland at a rate of 350 acres a day, which drives up the price of the land that is left over— land that is needed to grow food.

CBC news has reported that the region is trying to address this concern. A report released last year by the Ontario Federation of Agriculture and Toronto-based Environmental Defense praises the region for meeting density targets before expanding its cities' boundaries.

However, it is very much a work in progress. Growth is important and desirable. But so too are quality of life issues. Efforts continue to strike a proper balance.

If one makes the effort to look back in time it will be realized that these questions are nothing new. One civilization replaces another. Progress is inevitable. But these days more than just a few contend that change can be managed for a common good, if a will exists to do so.

Talk about a Community Narrative. This will a conversation remain one as the community looks to the future and defining what its community narrative will be.

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