The Build Up to Expo

The Build Up to Expo

A Journey into '67

The centerpiece of Canada's centennial was Expo '67.

But high hopes and energy of '67 did not start in January of that year.

It took years to ramp up for the international exposition in Montreal.

What now is seen as crumbling infrastructure was at that time new and the culmination of a civic and national commitment of years.

Most noted is the opening of the metro in October 1966.

However, the building was broad-based - ranging from the Autoroute system to apartments around the region to hotels such as the Chateau Champlain.

Along with the building came a can do attitude - that its was possible to dream, build and realize goals.

Times and sensibilities are quite different now. What was thought possible is now considered in many corners problematic. At the same time, the old is being swept aside for the new. New Metro cars, new roads and new skylines.

It may be different today, but the template of inspiration and realization was set in those heady years of the 1960's leading up to the centennial and Expo.

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The Build Up to Expo The Build Up to Expo The Build Up to Expo