Joshua Lybolt | Win In Real Estate With Micro-Goals

Joshua Lybolt | Win In Real Estate With Micro-Goals

Joshua Lybolt | As real estate agents, we often have lofty goals to reach the lifestyle of our dreams.

Those goals can have high stakes attached. Maybe your goals mean you can quit your day job to focus on your real estate business. Maybe your goals impact others. For example, maybe reaching a certain level of sales means you can add to your team and help train a new agent who has dreams of getting in the real estate game. Maybe your goals impact your family and reaching your goals will mean your family can move into their dream home.

Joshua Lybolt | It may be easy to set huge goals, but for many people actually reaching those goals will take a reality check. While it is important to dream big and reach for the stars, you need to think about breaking those huge goals into smaller, manageable and attainable goals called micro-goals.

For example, if your goal is to double your sales for the year, how will you make this happen? While this is a great goal, it must be broken down into actionable steps. Figure out how many more houses you must sell to make this happen. Then you need to think of ways you will sell more homes. How will you secure these listings? If you decided to focus on referrals, what steps will you take to build your referral program? How will you communicate your message? How many former clients will you reach out to per day? Break down each goal into simple steps you can do in a micro amount of time.

Here are four reasons why micro-goals will help your real estate business be successful:

1. Micro-goals push you to take action.

When you have an easy, actionable step to take, it is harder to say no. If you know exactly the measure you must complete, the task should be a no-brainer. If you know you need to share a listing to your Facebook Business page each day, there is no excuse. You know the small step you must take when marketing your listings.

2. Mirco-goals build momentum.

When you set small, attainable goals and reach them, in my experience, something amazing starts to happen: You build momentum. This is a force that pulls you forward and keeps you on course and moving onward. When you make it your goal to cold call expired listings and end up earning a client from one of these phone calls, this is a great win that can propel you to call more expired listings. You build confidence and prove to yourself you can get the job done.

3. Micro-goals create a reason to celebrate.

Micro-goals give you a sense of accomplishment, a reason to smile and a cause for celebration. Doing something now can create big return down the road. Celebrate your five little wins. If you door-knock on five homes a day that means you are reaching out to 35 people a week, 150 people each month and 1,850 people each year.

A Harvard Business Review article describes how making small strides toward big progress can even increase a person’s happiness. Small wins can make a difference in how you feel and perform. Remember: These tiny wins are still wins. Give yourself some credit and enjoy your journey along the way to your big goal.