Biography Of John Jesse Breslin - A Successful Entrepreneur

Biography Of John Jesse Breslin - A Successful Entrepreneur

Highly dedicated and altruistic, John Jesse Breslin is an accredited serial entrepreneur.

Highly dedicated and altruistic, John Jesse Breslin is an accredited serial entrepreneur and dynamic humanitarian investor/sponsor who aims to instill positive change both at an individual and societal level. John has an extensive professional background involving business development, stock trading, wellness coaching, legal services, and fundraising and possesses the fundamental leadership skills necessary to drive community advancements that spearhead philanthropist objectives.

Growing up with humbling and obstacle-driven beginnings, John discovered early on the true meaning behind commitment, resilience, and a strong work ethic. Furthermore, he had an instilled entrepreneurial mindset, which became the catalyst for him to begin trading digital currencies online at age 15. By the time he was a senior in high school, John was employing fellow students to drive more operational scalability for his online businesses that sold virtual items in various online games.

Then upon graduating from the University of Windsor with a degree in Communication Studies in 2008, John chose to branch into Neuro-Linguistic Programming coaching in 2010. After completing a rigorous 130-hour Practitioner training, he graduated with a specialization in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, and Hypnotherapy and has since leveraged his cultivated expertise to aid those needing mindful/perspective manifestations.

While advancing his coaching profession, John Jesse Breslin has simultaneously performed as the co-owner of a legal service company in Toronto, Ontario, a respected legal resource that has helped thousands of Canadians over the last decade. In addition, he has been a proactive sponsor of Plan Canada for the last 6+ years, donating to help advance children's rights and equality for girls on an international scale.

In fact, his current sponsor family resides in Columbia, and he plans on visiting them in the near future. Lastly, John has been a long-time Hockey advocate who has continuously supported the Toronto Marlies hockey club. This ultimately led to him being awarded the season ticket holder member of the game in 2017, which included an autograph hockey stick that the entire team signed. This was the same year that the team won the Calder Cup championship.

As a passionate, multi-dimensional professional, John takes pride in pioneering sustainable societal transformations through his pragmatic investing, coaching, and business efforts. John Jesse Breslin has a true ardency for what he does and demonstrates that by developing his services on a foundation of authenticity, transparency, and trust. This, in conjunction with his strong inventory of successes to date and reputation for inspiring others to give back to the community, has all positioned John to become the respected investing asset he is today whose devotions surface valuable outcomes that society as a whole can benefit from.

Overall, John loves what he does and every initiative he does both in business and within community support rests on his passion for helping others succeed. However, when he is not working, you can often find him being a loving husband and father, spending time with great friends, and volunteering.