How Analytics-Based Sports Software Can Help You Win?

How Analytics-Based Sports Software Can Help You Win?

Sports software development companies can offer dedicated analytics-based sports software solutions to help sports organisations and teams win.

Sports like every other human activity have undergone a change. It is no longer enough for the athletes to train hard, work on their skills and fitness and follow the advice of coaches to register a win. The ever-present human drive to become faster, stronger, and higher, has made athletes and sports agencies look for ways to further enhance athletes’ performance. This demand has been addressed by sports software development companies.

Data analytics-based sports software solutions offered by sports software development companies help athletes know the specific areas they need to improve. These solutions can suggest ways to maximize performance and minimise weakness. Using the solutions, the athletes can create a winning strategy and beat their competitors. The rise in competition and the increased necessity of identifying minute yet significant attributes have increased the demand for these data analytics-based sports software solutions.

Why data analytics?

If data is the new oil, then data analytics can be regarded as the combustion engine that can use this oil for driving businesses forward. Data analytics makes use of one commodity that every business generates in abundance-data. Data runs the show in today’s world. The plethora of IoT, sensors and other devices generate a humongous amount of data every second.

As such, data analytics solutions are required to make sense of the data and offer creative insights by analysing the same. These insights can offer businesses a definite competitive advantage in today’s business world. So, it is quite natural that like every other industry, data analytics-based sports software solutions can revolutionise the sports industry as well.

Analytics in sports

While the application of analytics in sports might have been around since the 1980s, it was popularised by Billy Beane in the late 90s and early 2000s. By applying analytics Billy created a competitive basketball team that delivered consistent high performances despite having one of the lowest operating budgets. However, the way analytics is applied varies from one sport to the other. So, the best way to use analytics-based sports software solutions for your sports is to consult with a leading sports software development company.

Anyway, here are some key areas wherein you can apply analytics-based sports software solutions to maximise revenue and performance.

Tracking and analysing player performance

The seemingly insignificant margins are what determine whether you win or lose. This is where analytics has aided athletes and teams in both their physical and mental development.

'How many goals did we score?' is no longer a question. 'How many assists does Player A have?' or 'How many assists does Player B have?' Today's questions are more along the lines of, "Player A has a pass percentage of 95.6 percent, with 47 percent of his passes being 15 yards." Forward passes accounted for 34.5 percent of the 15-yard passes. What percentage of the passes resulted in our forward scoring a goal?'

This is, however, only a very simple example. Analytics-based sports software development solutions offered by sports software development companies help answer more intricate questions with the power of data analytics.

Monitor and enhance performance

Coaches and supervisors can study a wide range of data, including distance-travelled, area coverage maps, heartbeat rates, passing percentages, shot classification, location data, and much more. Fitness bands and video cameras, together with bespoke algorithms, allow for the recording of such information, which is then displayed to coaches and management as part of a vast statistical datasheet. Thus, they can identify key statistics and use them for planning training patterns.

Fan engagement

Over the last decade, digitisation and technology have invaded the sports industry in a never before seen manner. With the increasing popularity of mobile apps and smartphones, sports organisations are using the same for engaging fans to offer a better customer experience.

Thus, sports software development companies can offer dedicated sports software solutions based on data analytics to help analyse the performance of the athletes. Using the result, sports organisations can take definitive steps to ensure that their athletes win. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with a sports software development company now to know more.