ISO 22000 Certification in Kuwait

ISO 22000 Certification in Kuwait

Learn in Details about ISO 22000 certification in Kuwait standards and implementation.

In today’s article I will be taking you through ISO 22000 certification in Kuwait; ISO 22000 standard which deals with Food Safety Management System. International Organization for Standardization commonly known by its abbreviation ISO is an independent international organization which was founded in the year 1947 whose primary aim is to set market relevant international standards from technology, finished product, healthcare to food products.

It is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and has members from across 167 countries which meet annually to discuss and strategize their future course of action. International Organization for Standardization has published more than 21,000 till date; one among them is ISO 22000 which is the Food Safety Management System.

Details about ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management System)

ISO 22000 standard is also known as Food Safety Management System which aims at providing safe, healthy and uncontaminated food to consumer. This standard is targeted to the food producers who are involved in the food business.

If an organization is ISO 22000 certified it means that the food supplied by the organization is complied with international standards. The latest and the updated version of this standard was published in the year 2018 hence officially it is also known as ISO 22000:2018 and in some places we can find it written as the same.

With the current scenario around the globe it has become of utmost importance that we keep a check on what we are ingesting into our body. So, ISO 22000 is very much needed in present times to gain confidence of the consumers.

Benefits of getting ISO 22000 certified

There are many benefits of getting your organization ISO 22000 certified. I will now try to list down few of the benefits to you to help you get a clear picture of it.

1. It helps provide safe, uncontaminated food to your consumers which help organization in customer retention and new customer acquisition.

2. It instills a sense of confidence among customers that the food they are eating is complied with international standards and is safe to consume.

3. It helps you increase profit and boost your organization financially.

4. It helps establish a good health for your customers as the food they are consuming are healthy and nutritious.

5. It helps food producers achieve a better production and delivery chain and build a reliable customer relationship.

ISO 22000 in Kuwait

The State of Kuwait popularly known as Kuwait which shares its land borders with Saudi Arabia and Iraq and Persian Gulf on the other side. Kuwait is one of the most flourished nations so it is necessary to keep ISO in Kuwait in check.

Though the major portion of the economy is driven from oil industry Kuwait has been at the forefront; Kuwaiti Dinar is one of the highest valued currency in the world.

The establishment in Kuwait monitors closely about everything happening in the country and food is also one among them. Healthy food is one thing that needs to be kept in check by the government authorities because it directly involves the health of the citizens.

Assistance from Finecert

I have tried to cover all the specific details related to ISO 22000 in Kuwait (Food Safety Management System) which includes benefits and even its implementation in Kuwait.

Food Safety is one of the most important topics which need to be kept in mind because it directly involves the health of its citizen.

Having said these I would like to add one more thing that International Organization for Standardization only sets standards and is not involved in the process of providing certification; this is done by external bodies.

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