ISO 14001 Certification in Qatar

 ISO 14001 Certification in Qatar

ISO 14001 is the Environmental Management System Standard that helps to monitor environmental impact while running operations.

Our today’s topic of discussion will be ISO 14001 certification in Qatar and I will try to take you in depth through ISO 14001 standard and its benefits, technical specification and its implementation in Qatar.

International Organization for Standardization commonly known by its abbreviation ISO is an independent global organization whose sole aim is to set market relevant international standards; right from finished products, technology, food products, healthcare etc.

ISO has been recognized as a global organization with members from across 164 countries that meet annually at the General Assembly to strategize future policies. ISO has been a leading organization that has published around 21,000 standards till date.

Details of ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System)

ISO 14001 deals with Environmental Management System; the sole purpose of this standard is to keep the environmental aspect of the organization in check while running operations.

A sustainable approach needs to be adopted by the organization to keep in check that the environment is rightfully preserved while the company is running operations and handling its affairs.

The latest and the updated version of this standard were published in the year 2015; hence the standard in some place can be seen written as 14001:2015 which is technically and officially the correct part to represent it. The standard is applicable to every organization irrespective of size, nature of operations, workforce and the type of operations.

Benefits of getting ISO 14001 certified

There are multiple benefits of getting ISO 14001 certified; I will try to list down some of the benefits below for an organization to get ISO 14001 certified.

1. Since, this standard includes top leadership in the vertical so it helps to increase the engagement of employees within the organization creating an engaging work environment within the organization.

2. It instills a sense of confidence among the stakeholders as they take pride in having been associated with such esteemed organization.

3. It helps to increase profit and establish a good financial backbone as the organizations now have a better waste management system.

4. It helps your organization stand globally as the international community worldwide is very serious about maintaining a right balance between running operations and environment.

5. It also encourages your supplier to provide you environment friendly product as now you have a better line of production.

6. It helps your organization stand apart in terms of best environmental practice and help you establish a name for your organization.

ISO 14001 in Qatar

The state of Qatar popularly known as Qatar is a country in the Middle East; it shares its border with Saudi Arabia. The country is one of the most flourished economies of the world with its major chunk coming from oil industry. ISO in Qatar helps the state of Qatar to assist the country better manage the products and service industry.

Qatar has a population of approximately 2.6 million people and has been ruled by the Al-Thani family; the establishments in Qatar are very serious about the environment concerns arising from the industries in operation, hence ISO 14001 certification plays a major important role.

Assistance from Finecert

Environmental Management System is becoming one of the hot topics of discussion in recent times so the organization needs to buckle up and keep pace with changing time and get themselves complied with international environment standard.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) only set standards for environment but is not involved in the process of lending certificate to the organizations, this is done by external bodies.

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