ISO 14001 Certification in Philippines

ISO 14001 Certification in Philippines

ISO 14001 Certification deals in-depth with environmental concerns arising while running operations.

Our today’s topic of discussion will be ISO 14001 Certification in Philippines, which is the Environmental Management System Standard. We will be covering every details related to this topic, benefits of getting ISO 14001 certified, its importance of implementation in The Republic of Philippines and the process to get your organization ISO 14001 certified, so stay tuned till the end of the blog.

Let me first start by giving you a brief explanation about ISO. ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization which is an independent global organization that sets international standards right from food safety, technology to healthcare etc.

It was founded in the year 1947 and has been going head strong from then on; it has members from across 167 countries which meet annually at General Assembly to discuss future strategies.

Details about ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is Environmental Management System which is dedicated to environment wherein the organization needs to check the impact it is causing on the environment while running its operation.

This standard helps organization to establish sustainable growth with causing minimal loss to environment. This standard helps organization to monitor various metrics which include land pollutions, water pollutions, air pollutions etc.

It helps them to control any hazards that they might be causing due to the operations that they are continuing and make necessary changes as per required by the standard.

The most recent and updated version was published in September, 2015 and hence you would see it referred as ISO 14001:2015 in some places which is how it is officially referred to as.

Benefits of getting ISO 14001 certified

There are many benefits of getting ISO 14001certified which I will be listing down for you.

·  It involves people in the higher positions so it helps to establish a top to bottom approach and establish a good coordination among the employees.

·  It instills a sense of confidence among the stakeholders that international standards have been complied to while keeping nature at foremost.

·   It helps to increase the profit as you have a better waste management system at place.

·  It helps establish a global name for your organization as the international communities are very specific about environment related issues.

·  It also encourages suppliers to provide environment friendly materials to you.

ISO 14001 in Philippines

Philippines which is officially known as The Republic of Philippines is a country in South East Asia, it is a democratic presidential form of government that shares its border with many countries.

There is a paradigm shift in economy from agriculture to industry hence it is essential to talk about ISO 14001 in Philippines.

The economy of Philippines is continuously changing; the country has become expertise in producing electronics equipment’s and in the garment sector.

It becomes essential for Philippines to mark its space in the global market, hence to compete in the international market, it is necessary to comply with the international standards and ISO certifications helps you achieve this feat.

Assistance from Finecert

Environmental protection and sustainable development has become a buzz word in recent times and international community is very serious about climate change thing hence there are strict regulations to counter these changes and ISO 14001 standard will help you deal with these in an efficient manner, in addition to other ISO certification in Philippines.

Getting ISO certified will also help organization boost their global dominance as well as establish a name for their brand in the global market space. Hence, it is very much necessary to get your organization ISO certified according to your market needs.

Having said that I want to bring to your notice that International Organization for Standardization is only involved in the process of setting international standard, it has no role to play in lending certificate to organizations it is done by external bodies, which is where we come into the picture.

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We have highly trained ISO professionals which can help your organization get ISO certified very easily and in a much stipulated time frame. We employ an economical and a clear approach in dealing with our client’s right from project initiation to its completion.

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