Historic Mosques in Makah

Historic Mosques in Makah

Makah is known for the House of Allah SWT. Muslims offer their prayer directed toward Makah as consider it the Qibla.

Makah is known for the House of Allah SWT. Muslims offer their prayer directed toward Makah as consider it the Qibla. Muslims can visit this holy city by availing of the Cheapest Ramadan packages 2023. To perform Hajj or Umrah, you have to come to this city for rituals. Meanwhile visiting this city, you can observe there are many masjids which have great historical significance in Islamic traditions. Here in the article, we study some of the historical mosques in Makah city.

1-Masjid Al Haram:

Without any doubt, the first masjid which needs to discuss is the Masjid Al Haram. This is the House of Allah the Kaaba which exists in this Masjid. The Qibla for all the Muslims in the world for prayers is the house of Allah SWT. Masjid constructed around the Kaaba is one of the historical masjids which changed with time and requirements even still construction process is going on according to the expansion plan of 2030.

2-Asy-Syajaraj Masjid:

Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW shows many miracles by the grace of Allah SWT to convince the non-believers that Allah is one and he is the creator of all. One of those miracles became the base of this masjid named Asy Syajarai. This incident happened when one non–believer rejected the preaching of our holy Prophet SAW than the Prophet Muhammad SAW showed him the miracle by the grace of Allah as the tree moved to the position where he SAW was standing. Now this place is converted into a masjid.

3- Al-Jinn Masjid:

This masjid is just 300meters ways from the Ar-Rayah masjid in the same way. This Masjid is also famous as Al-Harras masjid but is mostly called with the name of Masjid Jinn. This was the place where a group of Jinn embraced Islam and started this preach work of our Holy Prophet SAW. The Holy Prophet himself visited this place with his friend Abdullah Bin Masud. Many Muslims come to this place to offer prayer. Being a historical mosque, this has a special place in the heart of Muslims.

4-Ar-Rayah Masjid:

On the conquest of the Makkah, our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW put a flag at the same place where this masjid is constructed now. The name Ar-Rayah also means flag. This masjid is around 1 km away from the house of Allah SWT on the way to Janat ul Mala. The follower of the holy prophet Muhammad SAW Abdullah Ibn Abbas built this masjid as a monument.

5-Baiah Ar-Ridhwan Masjid:

This masjid is also called Masjid Hudaibiyyah. This place works as Miqat point. It is around 24 KM from the Masjid Al Haram. Muslims come to this place and make the intention to perform Umrah and wear get into the state of Ihram. On the 6th Hajrah, Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW traveled with his companions from Medina to Makah in order to perform Umrah, but the people of Makah stopped them at this place and did not allow them to enter Makah. At that place, the Holy prophet Muhammad SAW negotiated with the people of Makah which was a famous negotiation that has great significance in the Islamic tradition.

6-Ayesha Masjid:

Another famous masjid work Miqat is approximately 8 km from the Masjid-al-Haram. Many pilgrims come to this place for Ihram wearing and making the intention to perform Umrah again. This is a huge masjid in which the best’s arrangements are placed for the assistance of Hajis.

No doubt Makah city is famous due to the House of Allah SWT, but our Holy Prophet SAW birth city has many to tell. Islamic traditions started from this city, and this city became the most sacred city in the world one can reach her by searching and Umrah packages near me.