Intuitive Living: How to teach yourself to think differently

Intuitive Living: How to teach yourself to think differently

You can think yourself to live intuitively. Thoughts are powerful and what you are thinking about most, you manifest.

Intuition could be called “knowing without knowing why”, “thinking with your heart” or “gut feeling”. It is this unseen force that drives us.

Intuition is not logical. It is not the result of a set of considered steps that can be shared or explained. Instead, while based on deep-seated knowledge, the process feels natural, almost instinctual.

And yet, while intuition is quick and usually beneficial, intuition feels unknowable. After all, you cannot explain the thinking behind a snap decision that appears out of nowhere. It just happens.

We use two primary methods of thinking to process information and make decisions.

  • One is intuitive, instant, unconscious, automatic, and emotional.
  • Two is slow, rational, conscious, reflective, reasoning, and deliberate.

At any point in time, your active thoughts and actions vary depending on what method is running.

Slow, deliberate, focused and logical thinking is often applied to complex problems. Deliberate thought is more reliable but we rarely stop, reflect, and make slow decisions, because in many situations our responses are automatic hence the need to hone your intuitive thinking process.

Lee Pryke, I Am I Can Intuitive Life Coach

Here are some pointers to ask yourself:

  • What do you tell yourself about how you look or how well you perform in your job?
  • Where did this voice come from? You or your inner child? For example, if your father often criticized your mother and you internalised this; or if your mother taught you that restricting foods was good.
  • Tap into the tone of this voice. Was it critical and harsh? Was it kind and compassionate?
  • Think about how you felt after you engaged in this inner discussion. Was it a one-way conversation? Were you fighting back and telling the inner critic to do one?
  • Deeper still, where in the body are you holding your emotions and this self-talk? Does it come from the discomfort in your shoulder? or the constant rumble in your tummy?
Lee Pryke, I Am I Can Intuitive Life Coach

Intuition is an incredibly powerful tool for decision making. It ensures we respond in the moment, freeing up valuable mental resources to tackle novel experiences and optimize learning.

Intuition provides us with a “gut” response – an inner voice ¬– beyond logic or learned responses, revealing who we are and the knowledge we have gained.

If we listen, we can benefit from the creativity it offers and the feeling of confidence that it brings. Let intuition help you grow and make time-critical decisions based on resources that are not always easily reached.

Recognize the circumstances when you are at your most intuitive. Find opportunities to recreate them and tap the potential for creativity and fast, insightful decision making.

Lee Pryke, I Am I Can Intuitive Life Coach

Lee Pryke is an Intuitive Life Coach and available to help you find your passion within.