How to Cope with Holiday Stress

How to Cope with Holiday Stress

The holiday season is here, and Christmas music is in the air or is it the sound of stressed out shoppers, overwhelmed parents, and overworked sales staff?

It could be the voice in your own head telling you to take advantage of the online shopping deals that end at midnight, or stressing about getting a special gift for someone and all that baking, cooking, traveling, etc.

For many, everything about the holidays feels like a huge undertaking and the season fills them with anxiety instead of happiness.

If that is you, here are some tips that may help you find meaning and happiness in the holiday season.

I Am I Can Life Coaching, Lee Pryke

Shift your Perspective

Shift your perspective.

Step back for a moment and observe what you are feeling and rather than reacting with stress of wanting perfection, take a moment to breathe in deep and shift your focus to feeling the love and kindness going into the things you are doing, and not trying to get everything done to perfection.

Yes, Make a list.

Nothing clears your head better than a good old-fashioned list. Setting aside some time to think about the events and activities that you enjoy most, can guide you into taking small steps in a more joyful way, and deal with one thing at a time—decorate one afternoon; bake a few batches of cookies the next and you won’t get as overwhelmed.

Be flexible and don’t sweat the small stuff.

The most common reason people become stressed around the holidays is that their expectations are not met. They thought the holiday meal with relatives wouldn’t end up with people arguing, or children would behave while being dragged along on marathon shopping trips.

When you are flexible, you realize not everything always turn out the way you hoped it would and that if things turn out differently, it’s not the end of the world. It’s important to remind yourself that spending time with loved ones is the most important and if you forget to send your great aunt a Christmas card, life will go on! Give her a call or make her a tin of cookies.

Laugh through the Madness.

Laughter is often the best medicine and an excellent way to beat holiday stress and anxiety. Watch a funny movie or have an ugly sweater night with friends. That will surely bring some smiles to everyone’s face and a joyful spirit of the season.

I Am I Can Life Coaching, Lee Pryke

Embrace the Joy

Don’t let this holiday season be a time of stress and unhappiness for you. Embrace the many positive aspects of the season and remember that the simple act of making someone else happy with a gift, card or other expressions of love is just about the best way to make yourself feel better.

Happy Holidays and a Joyful New Year,

Lee Pryke, Life Coach and Mentor,

I Am I Can Life Coaching