Mistakes You Should be Aware of While Claiming Third Party Bike Insurance

Mistakes You Should be Aware of While Claiming Third Party Bike Insurance

Rejection of an insurance claim can be upsetting since much money could be at stake. In the event of third-party two-wheeler insurance claims, observing the insurance policy's terms becomes the most important aspect in accelerating the payout process. After an accident, filing a claim with your bike insurance coverage should be your top priority. Additionally, you must take care to submit the claim accurately.

The most frequent errors to avoid while making third-party bike insurance claims for just compensation are listed below.

Refrain from fleeing the scene of the accident

Accidents can be terrifying, particularly if a third party is involved. It's crucial to maintain composure and refrain from removing yourself or your bike from the accident scene. Check if medical attention is necessary, then make the necessary arrangements.

Remember to submit your first information report (FIR)

The FIR must be filed at the neighborhood police station, which is one of the most important steps in successful compensation. In the event of third-party losses like injury or death, it is much more crucial. FIR is important documentation since it contains the accident description and is used to process third party bike insurance claims.

Don't Wait to File Your Claim

Make sure to notify ACKO very away after the accident occurs. Additionally, you must let us know before you send the bike for repairs. There may be instances where the policyholder is hurt or is in shock. A small delay in alerting us is permissible, but a significant delay may result in the rejection of your claim.

Failure to collect the evidence

It is advised that you document the damaged car with photos. The claim will not be rejected for lack of images, but doing so will hasten the settlement of the claim.

Operating the Insured Car Absent a Current Driver's License

Unavoidable collisions can seriously damage the bike and likely result in high costs for the third party. In these situations, the car's driver is questioned. Consequently, the motorist should have had a driver's license during the collision. Furthermore, the driver shouldn't be using any intoxicating substances.

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