Key benefits of personal insurance over family health insurance

Key benefits of personal insurance over family health insurance

Choosing the right health insurance plan that perfectly fits your requirements is important. However, when you are searching for the best insurance plan, you might be confused between purchasing a personal and family health insurance plan. Personal health insurance and personal accident insurance offers coverage only to the insured person, whereas family health insurance offers complete coverage for the insured family. To help you make an informed decision, we have listed some of the key benefits of personal insurance over a family health insurance plan. Read to know more!

Here are a few benefits of choosing personal insurance over family health insurance.

Accident coverage at a very minimal amount

Personal accident insurance plans can cost you less than family health insurance where the cost of the medical coverage of all the family members is considered in the calculation. If you want to make it exclusively for yourself and save a little money, you can definitely go for personal insurance over family health insurance. Personal accident insurance can help cover the expenses of your medical requirements if you are injured in an accident.

More focus on personal requirements

Family health insurance plans are designed to cater to the needs of all family members, whereas individual or personal health insurance plans provide coverage specifically to one individual’s requirements. While buying personal insurance, you would be saved from this problem and can have the freedom of selecting the health insurance plan you like. By opting for personal health insurance, you can get a specified focus and curate the plan according to your needs.

Add-ons and the preferences

You can include the add-ons in your personal insurance policy the way you like and as many as you like. If you require a particular add-on you would not have to go through the pain of satisfying or adjusting yourself with the inclusion of the plan. Although family health insurance also allows you to have a choice in the plans, the ones in the case of personal accident insurance or personal insurance are way better and independent.

Lower premiums

A foremost benefit of personal health insurance is that it is available at a lower premium amount when compared to family health insurance policies. However, the higher sum insured will offer you complete protection including the personal accident insurance coverage and enables the policyholder to not fall short of coverage in times of need. When you choose a family health plan, the insured sum gets divided with the members of your family, you might not get to avail of it when needed for your personal claims.

· Various charges are covered

Although both the family and personal health insurance offer adequate coverage, you can find more with a personal health insurance plan. The pre and post hospitalisation charges are covered by the personal accident insurance in a better way than the family health insurance. The ambulance charges are also taken care of if the patient needs them. It is a cost-effective method and offers innumerable benefits to the policyholder.

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