In order to succeed, you need to stand apart from your competition.

In order to succeed, you need to stand apart from your competition.

Businesses face many challenges and barriers to profitable growth. One of these challenges is how to make a business stand out from the competition. Being able to differentiate your business and communicating your unique benefits is paramount to success.

Seven tips to help your business stand out.

  1. Be innovative. Lead, don’t follow. Continuously improve your product, service, and messaging to stay relevant to the ever-changing landscape. Stay abreast of consumer, customer, and market trends to provide evolved solutions faster and more accurately than your competition.
  2. Develop a strong and unique brand proposition. The secret to creating a unique brand benefit, or unique selling proposition (USP), is to understand what your target consumer really wants on a deep emotional level and then determine and articulate how you meet that need better than anyone else.
  3. Deliver a solution to a real problem or need. A deep understanding of your consumer and customer needs allows you to deliver deep emotional and relevant solutions to their problems in a way your competition cannot.
  4. Narrow your target market. Focusing on specific, high valued consumers allows you to drive efficiency in your marketing and sales efforts, maximizing revenue and profits while building stronger consumer and customer relationships for long-term brand health and growth.
  5. Be honest with yourself and your audience. Be transparent about who you are, what you stand for, what you do, and why.
  6. Deliver an outstanding experience. Positive impressions lead to repeat purchases and long-term loyalty with your consumers and customers.
  7. DO NOT focus on price. A truly differentiated business, product, or service has real value and merits a premium price. When you try to compete on price, you lower yourself to your competitors' level, weaken your brand, and risk becoming a commodity.

When you differentiate your business, you make it memorable and credible, helping your consumers and customers quickly understand what you do, what sets you apart, and inspires them to choose you over your competitors.