Four trends in 2022 for marketers to be aware of and prepare for.

Four trends in 2022 for marketers to be aware of and prepare for.

What do climate change, pandemics, social consciousness, technological advancement, human evolution (mental and physical) have in common? They all affect the ever-changing landscape that marketers must stay on top of to effectively reach and resonate with their audience.

Here are four key trends driven by recent environmental, technological and consumer changes.

1. Events will become hybrid

Pandemic forced closures and restrictions resulted in the cancellation of physical events, once a mainstay of creating engaging consumer experiences. When these events re-emerge, the social media and digital events that have surfaced to replace them will remain a component of the events.

2. The increased importance of content alignment

As companies return to previous levels of activity, the amount of messaging in front of consumers will be tremendous. Having a single, credible and engaging message in all consumer touchpoints (PR, digital, events, traditional media, media…) will only increase a company’s chance to break through, increase the frequency and reach and resonate with their audience.

3. Causal marketing and partnering with non-profit organizations will become a larger part of the marketing mix.

Consumers are more willing to support companies that share their social and moral values. Providing altruistic touchpoints and messaging will increase consumers' willingness to purchase from an organization, driving the organization's growth and profit while helping make meaningful change.

4. Traditional methods of gathering consumer data will re-emerge.

The increase in consumer demand for greater privacy protections and control over their data has led to the death of third-party cookies (postponed until 2023) and is forcing marketers to find an alternative to 3P-cookies-based targeting. More traditional methods of gathering consumer data, from surveys to brand health tracking platforms, will re-emerge.

Companies that stay ahead of the curve and act on market and consumer trends will gain a competitive advantage and drive profitable growth.

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