8 Powerful Features Why PHP Laravel is the best Framework

8 Powerful Features Why PHP Laravel is the best Framework

Better to hire a PHP and Laravel web development company if you plan to develops your next business website.

Laravel is the most popular framework of PHP and an essential web development language. It is one of the oldest also. As an open-source web framework, the purpose of this language was to use it as the alternative to the Codelgniter framework. Its architectural patterns are based on Symfony.

Features are the Core

The wide range of features of this PHP framework makes it the most popular and loved framework. Due to these features, it is used to build simple, scalable, and customized web applications. Its robust architecture and decent design have made this framework stand out. Developers can build scalable, simple, and tailor-made infrastructure to develop their applications.

Amazing Rating

With over 45000 stars to its credit, Laravel development is known as one of the most famous frameworks that GitHub has to offer. It has features like Command Line Interface named Artisan and support for migrations and Database systems. All these increased the popularity of this framework.

A packaging system, known as bundles, was also released. It can handle all types of web app developments right from small to enterprise-level. A lot of built-in functionalities help the developers’ work easily and conveniently. Additionally, it also offers bonus rewards in their official packages.

Laravel is the best web application framework for large and robust app development using its powerful tools. You can build an application using many tools and features. It includes inversion of control containers, integrated test support, and an expressive migration system.

1. Template Engine

PHP framework, like Laravel, has lightweight inbuilt templates. It helps users to design great layouts with the help of great content seeding. Additionally, different widgets control JS and CSS code with strong structures. Laravel framework templates help to develop a clean layout with separate sections.

2. Unit-Testing

The unit testing feature of this framework also is the reason why Laravel developers are attracted to it. This framework helps the developers to run many tests, ensuring the credibility and reliability of the new changes made.

Due to its known failures, Laravel development is considered to release stable updates in the industry. This also makes it easier for the framework to write tests for its code.

3. Artisan

The Artisan is an in-built tool allowing developers to avoid most of the repetitive coding tasks.

The database is easy to manage as these tools can also be used to develop a skeleton code in the database system and create a certain kind of migration.

Also, you can manage the elements and configurations of the general MVC files through this command line, which is integrated into the database. You can also design your commands with the help of Artisan and do creative and easy things using this tool.

4. Libraries & Modular

There are many inbuilt installed libraries and also the Object-Oriented libraries due to which Laravel is popular for. It is not available in any other framework of PHP. Moreover, it is easy to use and integrate with many features.

There is a pre-installed library among others, which is the Authentication library that can be implemented. It also has different updated features such as Bcrypt hashing, CSRF protection, encryption, checking active users, and password reset.

Developers can build responsive, easy, and modular web apps as there are different PHP principles applied in the divisions of the individual modules.

5. Database Migration system

The migration mechanism cuts down the work of developers. This includes the expansion of the database system of the web app without re-developing it, every time the developer changes it. The threat of data loss also decreases very much through this feature.

This feature helps the developer to use PHP code over SQL in addition to the feature of changing the database structure. Another feature called the Laravel Schema Builder can help you to develop database tables where you can instantly add columns.

6. Powerful ORM

There is an integrated PHP Active Record implementation that this framework provides to the Eloquent ORM. This helps the web app developers publish database queries by using the PHP syntax instead of the SQL code.

The developer interacts with a certain table that comprises a specific model in the database. The speed of an ORM is comparatively faster than the other PHP frameworks.

7. Security

One of the primary aspects of web development company is the security of the application. There are many ways every Laravel developer implements to make an application secure. It is highly secure from within. There is no need for the developers to deploy any other security trick.

Due to the use of slated and hashed passwords, the passwords will never be saved as normal texts in any database. To create an encrypted version of a password it uses the “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm”.

8. MVC Architecture Support

MVC (Modular view control) makes sure things are just right. It takes care of the units of a modular design that is managed from a single point while working in a collaborative environment. This famous MVC architecture is entirely supported by this framework for its simplicity, modularity, and convenience. It improves performance, makes the documentation faster, and also helps in adding several functions.

The presentation and logic sense is quite clear in the MVC pattern of Laravel development. It helps to improve many features like documentation, various in-built functions, and better performance.


The above features make this framework the most admired and attractive one for the developers. It brings out the best of what web application development has to offer. All the features that this technology comprises are because of its use in small and medium-sized apps. There are a lot of Laravel development companies because of its features that trump any of the other frameworks. Try to choose one which has a concrete portfolio.

As mentioned earlier, there may not be a lot of exclusive features in it but the range of features makes it stand out in the other PHP frameworks. Better to hire a Laravel web development company if you plan to develop your next business website. In the highest integrity and least design, developers will be able to create a responsive and modular application for your company.