Best Practices For Cleaning Floors From Industrial Cleaning Services

Best Practices For Cleaning Floors From Industrial Cleaning Services

When it comes to clean floors, you might think a mop and bucket will do the trick.

When it comes to clean floors, you might think a mop and bucket will do the trick. In many cases, that's a great solution to get rid of mud tracked into your business – but it won't get rid of all of the grime and bacteria that can potentially be spread onto other surfaces.

Industrial cleaning services know that there's more involved when it comes to properly cleaning your hard and carpeted floor surfaces. While it's important to get rid of surface dirt first, a deep-cleaning is in order – and that takes extra equipment that many industrial cleaning companies use regularly.

The answer is an industrial scrubber! Industrial floor cleaning services can take your floors to the next level of cleanliness, and even renew worn-looking surfaces.

Using Approved Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning companies follow the recommended dwell time for EPA-listed disinfectant products on the floor to ensure the most effectiveness. Some also use a chemical portioning system that automatically disperses the correct amount depending on the job, which also avoids incorrect mixing and wasted chemicals.

To make the hard floor cleaning even more effective, some scrubbers are equipped with a pad containing microscopic diamonds/cubic zirconia to eliminate more bacteria than a standard cleaning will.

Professionals often use a cylindrical scrubbing method, that is both effective and time-saving as it can complete a wide area in a relatively short amount of time.

Special Care For Carpets

Hard surfaces aren't the only type of flooring you'll find in commercial spaces. That's why many industrial cleaning companies also offer carpet cleaning using proven techniques.

For example, aside from basic vacuuming to remove debris, cleaners will go deeper to destroy any pathogens hiding in the fibres. One proven practice from industrial floor cleaning services is to use chemical-free steam cleaning to safely destroy remaining bacteria. It can also remove stains, meaning you can hang onto your carpets longer.

Other Common Best Practices

There are some other best practices used by industrial cleaning services for keeping floors in their best condition. That includes scrubbing twice if it's required. It's also making sure the area dries as quickly as possible, which is important to kill bacteria that causes odours, as well as ensuring it's not a safety hazard.

What's more is that some industrial floor cleaning services also perform floor stripping/waxing to help extend the life of certain hard surfaces such as ceramic and vinyl. Speaking of extending life, commercial cleaners regularly maintain their floor cleaning equipment (including replacing pads) according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

You can also expect professional cleaning staff to wear all of the required personal protective equipment (PPE) for their safety and yours.

Hiring industrial cleaning companies to handle floor cleaning regularly will help you reduce germs while keeping surfaces sparkling! Learn more from Emerald Building Caretakers.