If you wonder how long have people been into gambling, it has been for ages that people are gambling priorly as a form of entertainment.

If you wonder how long have people been into gambling, it has been for ages that people are gambling priorly as a form of entertainment. The history of gambling has been there since the evolution of humans. To date, casino gaming is one of the most popular forms of entertainment among players all around the world.

If you are curious about the history of gambling and casinos, you might want to give this article a look. We have described every interesting thing about gambling and casinos that you might want to learn. So, make sure go through this article have a great time playing your favourite casino games at your best online casino!

The Earliest evidence of casino games

It is almost certain that some forms of betting have been existing since the existence of human history. Saying that the earliest evidence of casino games came from Ancient China where it is believed that the tiles which were unearthed were used for the fundamental game of chance.

Several gambling organizations were created during the Tang Dystany, through which the Chinese were able to make a living out of gambling. And yes, they are also the first people to sustain their livelihood out of gambling.

The Chinese ‘Book of Songs’ which refers to “the drawing of wood” suggests that the tiles could have originated as a part of a lottery-type game. Lotteries are still popular to date.

The Occurrence of Roulette in Paris

The amazing game of roulette we know today was first originated as the game of “Little Wheel” in the gaming houses of Paris. The game is now referred to as American Roulette.

After the occurrence of American Roulette, it almost took another 50 years for the European Roulette version to arrive in the casino industry.

It was during the 19th century when the popularity of roulette rise along with the availability of other many versions of roulette.

The History of Slot Games

Everyone’s favourite slots games that we know today first occurred as one-arm bandits in New York. It was developed by Messrs Sittman and Pitt in New York. The game used to have 52 cards used on drum reels to make it resemble a kind of poker game. At the same time, Charles Fey from San Francisco invented the Liberty Bell Machine which later marked the dawn of slot machine games.

The first-ever video slot was invented in 1976 and even in the modern world, there are still some video slot games that feature bells as their symbols.

Baccarat in Italy and France

Baccarat is one of the eldest games in the history of casinos which is still played to the date. It was popular among the gamblers as a two-card game, a version of which was first mentioned as long ago as the 1400s. It is said to be migrated from Italy to France.

Despite being one of the oldest games, it took hundreds of years of evolutions to evolve as the Baccarat we know today. The standard version which is played in land-based casinos around the world came from Cuba along Britain to the US. It comes with a few alterations to the rules here and there but overall has the same gameplay.

The New Edge for Gambling

After the huge evolution of casinos, Microgaming became one of the biggest casino and slot game developers in the world today. Microgaming is also said to be the pioneer of online casino games.

Back then the online casino industry was worth over a billion dollars and now it is established to be a multibillion-dollar industry with hundreds and thousands of online casino sites available in the market.

With the increase in the online casino games industry, the first live dealer casinos appeared in 2003 with the help of Playtech.

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