Top three online sports for betting in India. Also check out the top betting strategies and tips so that you can win more often.

India is a country greatly known for passions and obsessions with betting on sports. Every year about 2-3 billion people are estimated to bet on sports from India.

With cricket being the most praised sport for betting in India, there are few others that they love to bet on.

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In this article, we would be discussing the same. This guide includes the top three online sports for betting in India.

Online sports betting offers a great opportunity for players to bet and support their favourite teams from the comfort of their homes.

For this, there are plenty of bookmakers in the market offering sports betting for players along with many promotional bonuses and rewards

Those seeking for a reliable and leading sportsbook in the market, we have discussed the best online casino at the end.

So let’s make sure to stay with us till the end!

1. Cricket Betting

As already discusses, cricket is typically one of the most preferred sports in India with more than a billion fans to it. The sports were established about 300 years ago and people still place this sport close to their hearts.

Cricket tournaments and matches are live-streamed on TV where the families in India love to gather and cheer for their favourite. As Cricket is simple to understand, many fans love betting through online cricket betting app for their fans in a huge number.

Another great reason why cricket betting is so popular in India is their sportspersons. The athletes of India’s national cricket team are considered one of the strongest internationally.

They are worldly known to be experts at playing crickets and have been able to win the world championship multiple times.

Since cricket is so popular sport in India, bookmakers are providing a chance to make predictions on various matches & you need to learn cricket betting tips & predictions. The odds are always growing and bonus offers are improving.

2. Football Betting

Though the country is unspecified for having great football players or teams, football betting is as popular in India as Cricket. This is because of the simplicity and the excitement of the sport.

Football is a widely available sport in the online football betting market. Not only is the sport popular in India but also in most parts of the world, especially Europe. Indian audiences love to bet on the thrills of football and show their support to the teams just like so many other countries.

The sports also features some of the great betting options, popularly prop bets. The other fun betting markets in football are half-time/full time, handicaps, corner bets, goal scorer, and many more. You can learn best online football betting tips.

3. Hockey Betting

As hockey is the national game of the country, hockey online betting holds a special place in the heart of Indians as well as covers our final list.

However, the risk of betting on hockey becomes more than other sports due to the low scores in hockey games.

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