Craps & Sic Bo fun casino games of dice that you can play online in 2022. Know their gameplay and rules of dice with simple rules.

When it comes to dice games at online casinos, two games stand out: Craps and Sic Bo. They are the two most popular dice games played by a large number of online casino players from different parts of the world.

Both of these games are chance-based games and should be played for fun. These two games might look intimidating to beginners because of their rich table layouts.

However, these games are easy with simple rules and they suit all kinds of players. In this article, we will take a closer look at these two popular casino dice games and compare them.

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By the end of the article, you can decide whether Craps or Sic Bo suits you better by yourself.

So, let’s get started with the comparison.

Origin Of Craps & Sic Bo

According to some historians, Craps was invented during the Roman era. Roman soldiers used the knuckle-bones of a pig in the shape of a cube as dice and inverted armor shields as a table.

Other historians believe that the game was originated from a dice game of Arab called Al Dar which refers to dice. According to them, the game was brought to Europe from Arab by merchants in the 12th century.

On the other hand, Sic Bo is an even older game that originated in China. The game is known with different names in China such as Tai Sai, Dai Siu and Hi-Lo. This Asian game has spread to Europe and America these days.

Gameplay of Craps & Sic Bo

Although Craps and Sic Bo both are played with dice, they are two different games with different gameplays. Craps is played with two dice which are rolled by a shooter (the player who throws the dice on the table) or by pressing the ‘roll’ button in online casinos.

On the other hand, Sic Bo is played with three dice which are shaken inside a glass box by the dealer.

In Craps, if you are the shooter or the person rolling the dice, you will win if the sum of the numbers on two dice is a 7 or 11. This is called a “Natural”. When you get a Natural, you get to roll the dice again.

You will lose if the result of the dice is 2, 3 or 12. If the result is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 which are called point numbers; you need to get the same number again by rolling the dice before getting 7 to win.

In Sic Bo, three dice are shaken and players bet either on the total of three dice or combinations that appear on the dice. Different types of betting options are available for players and they are shown on the Sic Bo table.

For example; players can bet on the sum of the numbers on the dice being big (11 to 17; inclusive) or small (4 to 10; inclusive). Unlike Craps, the result of your bet is known with a single roll. After the dice are rolled, you either win or lose if you have placed your bet.

Ease and Simplicity

Although both games are not difficult and suit beginners, the betting options of Sic Bo are easier to understand to beginners than those of Sic Bo. There are no phases in rounds of the Sic Bo game.

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