Thousands of players have won big in the past playing slot games & you can too! Discover some of the largest slot machine wins ever!

Slot machine games will always be the most popular form of gambling in any casino, be it land-based or online It is mainly due to their ease of use, the chance of winning a hefty amount, and the level of excitement they bring among players. Even if you are a beginner, you might have a chance to win a million dollars as you don’t need any prior gambling experiences and strategies.

Well, who doesn’t enjoy it when the reels fall into place and we get a chance to win a hectic sum of money?

For sure, when it comes to slots, we all want to hit a large jackpot, and luckily for some players, this dream has come true in real life, as they’ve won millions of dollars from a single spin of the reels. Such wins can be life-changing for any individual.

Thousands of players have won big in the past both in online and physical casinos. You, too, can do it!

Continue reading to discover some of the largest slot machines wins ever. Perhaps you’ll strike it rich while playing slot games at one of the best online casino in India.

Let’s get started!

10. $11.6 million – Mobile phone (Online)

This online lucky winner, who is identified only as D.P., won a whopping $11.6 million prize on the Mega Moolah slot game. She won this large amount just by playing at the Zodiac Casino on her Android smartphone. This is one of the biggest slots wins ever on a mobile device.

9. $14.3 million – Rampart Casino, Las Vegas

The next big win we have on the list was won by a player in December 2013 at the Rampart Casino in Las Vegas. He had just spent $20 on the Megabucks slot machine which led him to hit a jackpot of $14.3 million.

See how even a small wager can result in such a large win?

Even though he won pretty good money, he chose to be anonymous and donated a large portion of his winnings to the charity.

8. $17.3 million – M Resort, Henderson, United States

This is also the biggest win by a woman from Las Vegas. She went to the M Resort in Henderson and used part of her free credits to spin the Megabucks machine, winning a massive payout of $17.3 million.

What you should take away from her success example is that you should always consider using or spending any free credits you may have!

Even online casinos such as Betbarter come up with some free credit online casino bonuses whenever you register your new account. So, register yourself today and increase your winning chances.

7. £13.2 million – Online

We again have another online slot games winner on our list. This online jackpot was won by a very fortunate British soldier, Jon Hayward in the year 2013. He won a payout of £13.2 million, which was equivalent to $20.8 million at that time.

He won this big amount while playing the Mega Moolah game at Betway. Hayward, a guy from railway town, Crewe, England had wagered just 25p to win this huge sum.

Isn’t it amazing?

6. $21.1 million – Cannery Casino and Hotel, Las Vegas

This is, without a doubt, the most incredible inclusion here on this list. Elmer Sherwin made it to $21.1 million at the Cannery Casino and Hotel while playing the Megabucks slot machine in the year 2005.

The most impressive thing here is that he already had a pretty good winning history of around $4.6 million while playing at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in 1989.

Two major straight wins by the same guy, don’t you feel you can achieve it as well?

5. $22.6 million – Bally’s, Las Vegas

Johanna Heundl, a female player won this big amount of $22.6 million in 2002 when she played at Megabucks slot machine in one of the well-known casinos of Las Vegas named Bally’s.

At the time of this victory, Heundl was very old as she was 74 years old. Even her age didn’t stop her from hitting the jackpot where she barely spent $170.

4. $23.6 million – Online

Yet another online slot win we have on the list is by a Finnish player in 2013 while playing the Mega Fortune reels, a popular slot game launched by NetEnt.

He wagered a modest sum, 25 cents in this case, at an online casino named PAF.com where he luckily won a multi-million-dollar jackpot worth around $23.6 million.

3. $27.6 million – Palace Station Casino, Las Vegas

A lucky flight attendant retiree was able to grasp this big amount when she visited the Palace Station Casino in the year 1998. Here she intended to spend only 100 dollars but ended up spending three times that amount while playing. However, her investment was absolutely worth the try.

She, too, played the Megabucks machine and was fortunate enough to win this huge amount of $27.6 million, just like other slot winners mentioned above.

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