Five Tips for Website Promotion

Five Tips for Website Promotion

The first and one of the most important tips is, any website that is created must include search engine optimization (SEO) as an option.

Five Tips for Website Promotion

The internet is filled with millions of websites, all fighting for traffic, trying to lure new visitors to what they offer whether it is information, products, or services. Trying to get your website noticed can be very difficult, and a lot of people have no idea where to start when they set up their first site. While it is recommended to search for the best web design in Chester County, you should still know the top five tips for website promotion. When you know these tips, you are assured of choosing the web design and SEO company with the best marketing tools for your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The first and one of the most important tips is, any website that is created by a company that does web design in Chester County must include search engine optimization (SEO) as an option.

SEO is a process in which keywords and phrases within website content and articles/blogs are optimized for search engines like Google to properly rank them in their search results. Without proper SEO, you could get a lot of people finding your website that aren’t interested in what you have to offer, and those that do search for what you offer may never even see your website in the rankings. SEO pairs very well with website content such as blogs; with a consistent and steady stream of blogs of relevant content and with proper SEO, you are more likely to bring in traffic and get conversions.

Social Media Advertising

Social media has become a huge part of internet culture today; from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, a vast majority of people surfing the internet every day are checking in on their social media feeds. If you are trusting a company to do your digital marketing and web design in Chester County, they should be prepared to promote your website through social media sites by creating posts sharing the company blog and promoting events and sales.


The most recognizable brands in the world have one thing in common – you can tell what their products are with a glance. Branding is an important part of your web design in Chester County because your visual identity must be consistent across all your marketing platforms. Ensure your web designer takes the time to learn about your branding and then infuses it seamlessly into your site. If you are just getting started, your web designer can help create a strong visual brand.

Seamless Transition Across Devices

Whomever you choose for your web design in Chester County, ensure they create your site to work optimally across computers, smartphone, and tablet screens, and across platforms. The first impression of your site should be a good one, no matter where the potential customer first sees your website.

Word of Mouth/Email or Mail Campaign

Word of mouth is the oldest type of promotion, and it still works well for websites. Get the word out about your website on forums, Facebook, or Reddit and give people something to talk about with your company, whether it is compelling content or an incredible public engagement. Also, make sure you contact all your customers via email or through a mailing campaign to have them check out your new website. This is a great opportunity to touch base with clients you have not spoken to in a while and this tells them you are continually improving your business.

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