Attention Marketing: 10 Tips to Acquire More Customers

Attention Marketing: 10 Tips to Acquire More Customers

Attention Marketing: 10 Tips to Acquire More Customers

As a business owner, or someone about to start a business, you’re probably looking at ways to drive customers to your business that will increase your customer accounts and sales.

There are ways to attract customers and here are 10 tips to help you gain them.

1. Develop a Strategy

One initial marketing tip in dealing with acquiring more customers is to put strategies in place that will help achieve a return on your investment. Hyland Graphic Design & Advertising can help you on the road in adding clients. You need to know the value of your company and your brand to attract more business, which involves placing your advertising where it will be the most effective. Also, think about the best time of year to launch your product or idea and set a definite timeline for your goals to realize given outcomes.

2. Social Media Approaches

Depending on your business, different approaches to attract customers are just part of doing business and there are creative companies in Philadelphia that can steer you in the right direction.

Social media is one way to make connections. You can place pictures and videos on unusual and attractive platforms and you can connect with potential customers through comments, inquiries or messaging. Social media allows you easier outlets for customers to examine your business and learn more about it. Interacting with consumers helps establish a loyalty to the brand and promotes customer service.

3. Mailing Lists

Putting together a mailing list with incentives is another way to attract more customers. When you market by email, you can easily keep your company in front of customers, plus you can pinpoint certain segments of customers in different demographic categories. Say you’re promoting the latest in lip balms designed specifically for teens. You can target your email listings to that age group.

In addition, you can program your emails so you can connect with customers immediately. You can send messages and offers to people. A mailing list advises customers of promotions, sales, tips or proper product usage.

4. Hosting Webinars

Web based learning is a way to attract customers, particularly when the topic is something they find of interest. Hosting webinars is one mechanism to propel customers to your business, plus they are a suitable vehicle for driving home ideas across a series of webinars. A webinar may even include question-and-answer sessions or used as a call to action. As an example, a company presents webinars concerning a heating pad for back pain relief. Each webinar explains the effectiveness of it while the next one explains how to use the heating device. The last webinar shows pictures or videos of people using the heating pad. After each webinar, offer a coupon for the device.

5. Establish your Brand

Building your own brand is a good way to gain additional customers. Philadelphia branding and design agency will help you choose and decide the type of brand tailored to your business needs. Creating brand awareness is important and there are several ways to go about discovering an innovative and quality brand for your business. Here are a few ideas.

  • How do customers or potential customers discover your brand and realize its distinct qualities
  • Evaluate what particular customers value in a brand or product
  • Determine how current purchasing actions have evolved for today

6. Develop a blog

A blog is a suitable companion piece for a business website. With blog content aimed at a product or service, customers can decide about what is selling or learn more about the services provided. You can post a blog regularly whether daily or weekly and post updated information. A blog brings value, plus you can further educate and build confidence in a product or service for a customer. You’re expanding your message to potential customers.

7. Optimize SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When you want to attract more customers, one way to do it is by developing a website that includes keywords and phrases that apply to your product or idea. You set up search engines to find keywords and phrases in websites and articles, so any wording you use should be effective enough to attract and focus on definitive customers.

You also want good content to go along with keywords and phrases that bring value to the entire product or idea. For example, a company may have a sale on specialized flashlights. Search for distinctive keywords that involve flashlights and incorporate them throughout your content. Select those words that are marketable and catch worthy.

8. Develop a Call to Action (CTA)

A call to action is an urging. You want the customer to respond to it, or ask questions, learn more information, or make a choice. It could be in the format of an offer, suggestion, or a question. A call to action involves a sense of urgency. A CTA definitely creates a sense of importance.

9. Customer Identities

Customer identities or personas give a definition of who a customer is. The process explains who the customer is and what they like. You also delve into their buying habits. This helps you gain customers and provides for them at the same time. Researching for ideal customers is one way to attain them. You need them to make purchases. For example, a company creates an anti-aging skin cream aimed at older women. The company develops a characterization of the perfect customer to explain its marketing strategy. An ideal customer is a woman, over 50 who has wrinkles, sun damage and sagging skin.

10. Interactive Content

You want an ongoing dialogue with customers, and one way to do that is by supplying interactive content. There are different forms that can indirectly engage old and new customers. There are many examples that include the following.

  • Big sale ending, get yours before they’re gone!
  • Sign up for our mailings for product coupons and discounts.

Maybe you own or run a new business and you want to gain more customers or maybe you’ve been in business and need some fresh input concerning customer development. Whether you just have general questions or want help with your business, call Hyland Graphic Design & Advertising at (484) 879-6145. We’ll put you on course for gaining the customer base you need.