Common Air Conditioner Issues in Winter and How to Solve Them

 Common Air Conditioner Issues in Winter and How to Solve Them

Are you having problems with your air conditioner too? It is advisable to clean your AC before winters to ensure it's good working.

People often have this misconception that they can’t use the air conditioners in winters. But the answer is no. Some air conditioners have a warming feature that you can use in winter. But, as winter approaches, these systems begin creating problems.

The cold winds and snowy weather in winter makes you turn on your conditioning units. But its issues can be problematic.

If you are searching for how to maintain your air conditioner or solve major AC issues in winter, you are in the right place. We will address some of the most common air conditioner issues and show how you can solve them.

Poor Air Heating Quality

One of the most common problems people face during winters is poor heating quality. It is because some AC lacks the power to work at low temperatures. It happens when a contractor installs an incompatible AC unit for the job.

To avoid this, make sure to hire a trusted AC contractor who knows how to do his job. He must conduct a proper inspection to determine the most suitable AC unit according to your needs and assist you if your ac need replacement or it can be repaired.

Freezing of Pipes

Coldwater goes inside the pipe and may get frozen. It is common in the areas where the temperature drops below 0°C and ice accumulates. Air conditioning pipes can cease to work and, thus, the quality of air goes down.

What is worse than this is that it can cause pipes to burst. It can become expensive, and you need HVAC professionals to solve your problem. What you can do to solve this problem is to use a hairdryer for melting the ice. Otherwise, you may need to call a professional if the condition is worse.

Dirty Filters

Your AC had been working for entire summers. It can cause dirt to accumulate in the filters. Grimy filters can restrict the passage of air, thereby decreasing the quality of air. It keeps your AC running for a long time and thus results in higher bills.

What you can do to avoid dirty filters is to check them regularly. You can clean its filters easily by taking them out. Clean them thoroughly with a damp cloth and a blow-dry. Put them back afterward and turn on your AC to check if it is working properly. Do this at least once a month.

Faulty Thermostat

A faulty thermostat can result in little or no air from the AC. The thermostat regulates the airflow and its temperature. If it doesn’t work properly, the system won’t work as expected. There can be faulty wiring in the thermostat responsible for that.

To solve this issue, call your installer or AC professional. You may need to reinstall a new thermostat or repair the existing one.

Blowing Out Cold Air

Another problem that your AC makes during winter is blowing out cold air. This can be due to a faulty thermostat or your AC setting. Another thing to check for is to see whether it is on ‘Auto’ or ‘Fan On’ mode.

With ‘Fan on’ mode, your AC will blow out air without producing any heat. Generally, this problem is caused by leaky ducts or dirty filters. It is better to call a professional for cleaning your AC unit.

False Alarms

Sometimes AC units make noise despite no serious problem. It can be due to the melting of ice from the pipes in the heating mode. It is completely harmless for the AC unit but can be dangerous for the passerby. Therefore, make sure to drain it properly.

Condensers can also become noisy in winters but are not much problematic. In a heating mode, AC stops producing heat and enters into a defrost mode. It prevents the building of ice in the condenser coil. Wait to see if it starts producing heat again before calling someone.

Removing any obstruction will keep your AC working well. Clean its filter regularly and set its thermostat to a reasonable temperature. The overworking of the system will degrade its performance.