How To Take Your Mid-Strength Salespeople To The NextEnter content title here...

How To Take Your Mid-Strength Salespeople To The NextEnter content title here...

Successful SaaS companies provide sales teams the training and motivation they need to take things one step further.

SaaS products can’t sell themselves. If it would be so easy, you wouldn’t need a sales team. There is a rough 6% of SaaS salespeople who do extraordinarily well and drive sales for any company that they work for. What do these sales reps have that others don’t? The ability to hunt, create value and trust with the prospect, manage existing accounts, and grow relationships while keeping a close eye out for new opportunities. It seems like these people have “selling” embedded in their DNA.

If your salespeople don’t have that certain something, what are you supposed to do? Simple. Instead of focusing on the top performers, you make sure mid-strength sales reps get all the attention. Only 22% of sales reps are competent. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are good at what they do or can sustain quota performance.

Are elite SaaS salespeople made, or are they born? This topic has been debated for years. What is for sure is that it’s possible to teach people the naturals. Move your training to the next level and the result will surprise you.

Foster A Passion for Your Products

If your SaaS products are deceiving employees, they will have a hard time selling them. It’s difficult if not impossible to sell something that you don’t believe in. You would have to remove yourself from the equation, which isn’t possible. The point is that it’s a great struggle to make a sale when you wouldn’t buy what you’re selling. Try to instill passion in your SaaS products.

Don’t talk about features and benefits. Maybe the software products aren’t necessarily the best, so stop making comparisons. It’s better to focus on people’s love for technology and their own experiences with tools like POS software, office software, or document and file management. The sales reps don’t have to try to hard to convince prospects they need the product. They need to prove they know it’s like to be on the receiving end.

Make sure that the members of your team understand the importance of the work they carry out. Their job isn’t to sell but to make a real difference in entrepreneurs’ lives. Create a culture of passion. Make sure that passion comes first and experience second. Enthusiasms can’t be faked, so don’t take your chances.

Encourage Co-Operative Competition

So, you want to get the best out of evidently average performers. Competition can improve motivation and encourage performance. The members of your sales team should compete with each other, always trying to set the bar and set bigger goals. You have to make it clear that there are winners and losers. Most importantly, reward top performers from time to time.

You’ll want to create a culture that is collaborative and not cutthroat. This is easier said than done. However, it’s not impossible. This is how to increase competition among your sales reps:

• Split Salespeople Into Teams – Randomly separating individuals into groups can turn out to be successful, but it’s a risk you shouldn’t take. Match high and middle performers. They can get involved, share ideas, and become motivated to do a good job.

• Offer Financial Incentives – Have you ever heard about SPIF? It’s an acronym and it stands for sales performance incentive fund. It’s practically an immediate bonus that is granted to an employee who has made a sale. Sales reps will work hard for this additional pool of cash. Everyone will want to win, even the elite salespeople.

• Be Honest in Your Performance Reviews – Don’t be candid when giving performance feedback. If you want salespeople to up their game, offer your honest opinion of their work. They may be upset at first, but it’s all for the better. The aim is to motivate sales reps to work on their bad performance. it won’t worsen following the bad review.

Make sure salespeople are prepared for all situations

Elite salespeople are prepared for whatever lies ahead of the road, including negative consequences. This translates into rejections, questions, and even objections. It’s up to you to help employees think as much as possible. Not all consequences are truly negative. However, they shouldn’t be neglected. Some sales reps only think about the deliverables they can offer prospects. They’re not prepared for objections or inquiries about the competition.

Any successful sales person needs a proposal which demonstrates how the SaaS product serves the needs of buyers by putting the spotlight on benefits and not only. It’s paramount for your salespeople to make sure they can answer questions and have the info, ideas, and documentation are well-organized. It’s possible to close faster deals when you have a winning proposal. Make sure that your sales team rehearses emergency responses. Push your sales reps to deliver the best sales pitches.

Acknowledge the Efforts Sales Team Members Make

Kassandra Lafond, Planning and Performance Management Director at TopEssayWriting and ClassyEssay, explains that “salespeople respond better to appreciation expressed through recognition of their good work. Compliments and praises are good incentives to work harder and stay motivated.” If you want to find out how you can transform mid-strength SaaS salespeople into top performers:

Mention Sales Reps in Your Acknowledgement

You’ve been fortunate enough to lead a team of successful salespeople. If it’s necessary, mention the name of the individual who has had the most remarkable results. Showing an interest in what they do is a great way to enhance acknowledgment. Don’t hide the fact that you have A-listers on your team.

Say Good Job More Often

Sure, this doesn’t seem as much, but it’ll mean the world for your sales reps. They need to know that they’re rising to your standards and their efforts haven’t been in vain. “Good job!” can play an important part in how good a job your middle performers actually do. Individuals who are praised for doing well only want to make progress. Insincere compliments can turn employees off, so you should better be careful.

Don’t Treat All Salespeople The Same

No doubt, it’s important to be fair and equitable, especially when it comes to dealing with individuals. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t treat all sales reps the same. A one-size-fits-all strategy will get you nowhere. What you need to understand is that people have different needs, performance levels, and work styles. You have to do your best to manage the needs of salespeople while making sure they can develop their careers in a way that makes them feel valued. Consider the following tips:

• Watch your tone in conversations

• Forget about open office plans

• Find out if sales reps prefer working alone

• Provide comprehensive details and directions

• Moderate expectations and set goals

SaaS sales team leaders understand that people respond and react differently to some situations, which is why they customize their approaches. Think about following in their footsteps.

Final Thoughts

Successful SaaS companies provide sales teams the training and motivation they need to take things one step further. If you don’t want to fall behind, encourage middle-performing sales reps to improve their productivity. You can make your sales team an elite sales force. Take things one step at a time. Get to know the people you are working with, find the right methods for delivering training, and yield the best results.

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