5 software developer levels: whom to choose

5 software developer levels: whom to choose
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In this article, you will find out what software developer levels exist, how do they differ and what developer do you need in your project.

A team of Junior developers can’t develop a good application quickly. It is difficult to retrain a senior developer to meet development standards of your company. It takes a lot of time to teach trainees, but experienced specialists have high rates.

How to choose a developer who has suitable skills and knowledge and meets the requirements of your specific project?

We’ve written an article to help you decide. It covers:

difference between trainee, junior, middle, senior and lead developers,

what tasks developers of different levels can perform,

how to choose a specialist for your specific tasks.

It is better to choose a suitable specialist than to look for a more experienced one urgently. To do this, clearly define the tasks and read our article: https://jaydevs.com/software-developer-levels/