My Wavlink Extender Keeps Disconnecting. How to Fix It?

My Wavlink Extender Keeps Disconnecting. How to Fix It?

Fixed: Wavlink Extender Keeps Disconnecting

Chances are that your Wavlink extender is not placed appropriately due to which you are facing the disconnection issue. But, no worries, you can still rectify the mistake by relocating your Wavlink extender. Keep in mind that the new location of your Wavlink WiFi extender needs to be well-ventilated and away from metal objects, reflexive surfaces, and thick concrete walls.

Also, do not keep your Wavlink extender near devices emitting radio-wave frequencies. A few examples are televisions, refrigerators, microwave ovens, cellular phones, Bluetooth speakers, smart cameras, etc. Moreover, maintain a safe distance between your Wavlink extender and tracking devices.

Do you know that your Wavlink extender has a software embedded in it? Well, now you know. You will be more surprised to know that this software controls the extender's overall functionality and is called firmware. Therefore, if you want to streamline your extender's performance, do firmware update regularly. Given below are the steps explaining the process of updating the Wavlink extender's firmware..