More wasteful than Honda PCX, tempting Honda ADV 150 to buy?

More wasteful than Honda PCX, tempting Honda ADV 150 to buy?
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What makes the Honda ADV 150 so attactive?

Having economical fuel consumption has always been a trademark for motorbikes made by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM). Same is the case with the Honda ADV 150 which plays in the medium scooter segment. Even so, his record is not as good as a class line like the Honda PCX . So, is it still tempting to make a choice?

Information about efficiency is certainly quite important. Moreover, the price of the Honda ADV 150 itself is pegged to be more expensive than the PCX. As an illustration, the cheapest version of the ADV 150 alone has sold for IDR 34 million. Meanwhile, the most expensive Honda PCX price is still around Rp. 32 million.

Apart from the Honda PCX, PT Astra Honda Motor has a Honda ADV 150 in the medium scooter segment.

With this money, Honda PCX buyers are claimed to be able to make the fuel consumption score reach 50.7 km / liter. While on the ADV 150, the buyer only got a score of 46.6 km / liter. To note, both achievements were obtained through internal testing with the ECE R40 testing method and the Idling Stop System (ISS) feature were both active.

You can see, there is a big difference between the two. In fact, the mechanical heart structure of the ADV 150 is arguably identical to that of the PCX. For example, in the problem of diameter and stroke of the piston, both are formulated as 57.3 x 57.9 mm (bore x stroke).

In fact, the duo carrying a 4 stroke 150 cc SOHC engine has a different compression ratio setting. The Honda ADV 150 is set higher at 10.8: 1 than the PCX with a count of 10.6: 1. Therefore, it is natural that there is differentiation in the achievement of each output.

The Honda ADV 150 has a greater torque than the Honda PCX.

Honda ADV 150 is more wasteful for acceleration

With this design, the Honda PCX has a power score of 14.7 PS at 8,500 rpm and a torque of 13.2 Nm at 6,500 rpm. While the Honda ADV 150 recorded 14.5 PS @ 8,500 rpm and 13.8 Nm at 6,500 rpm. Based on this comparison, it can be seen that the power output is slightly smaller. In contrast to the torsional moment where ADV 150 is 0.5 Nm greater than PCX 2020.

Yes, a gap that explains that the Honda ADV150 was deliberately made to be more accelerated than its brother. Logically, it ends up being more wasteful than PCX. Not only pursuing large torque, PT AHM also installed a tapered handle bar steering wheel.

Not to mention the tire sizes 110 / 80-14 and 130 / 70-13 (front-rear). As a support, semi-dual purpose tires are also fitted - still ideal for use in light offroad fields.

What makes the Honda ADV150 attractive?

Not only a broader designation than PCX. Overall, the Honda ADV 150 also feels more attractive. It was also obvious that he had lowered the design language of the Honda X-ADV . This can be seen on the cover. Even so regarding the selection of dual LED headlamp. It is the same with other types of lighting that have used power-saving lamps.

The identity of a Honda big bike storefront occupant was also adopted by the Honda ADV150 through a towering windshield stretcher and a digital meter panel wrapped in a box-shaped screen. Similar to the X-ADV, the Honda ADV150 also uses a smart locking system entitled Smart Key System (SKS).

Thanks to the wide and high handlebars, the Honda ADV 150 offers a driving sensation like most adventure motorbikes. In addition, support for use outside asphalt is also supported by the towering exhaust shape. Not only that, the ground clearance of the Honda ADV 150 is also quite high, which is 165 mm.

Even so, he is still a real scooter. After all, the structure of the legs is primarily a matter of shock absorbers, at the front still relying on telescopic forks. As for the rear, using dual shock absorbers. Different from PCX, the Honda ADV 150 already uses the subtank model rear suspension. This presentation is like the offer presented by Yamaha NMax 2021.


As one of PT AHM's medium scooters, the Honda ADV 150 is not the best fuel consumption recorder. However, we think the manufacturer's claim to this test is still moderate enough for even efficiency hunters. How not, with a full 8 liter petrol tank, he is said to be able to travel as far as 373 km.

It can be said that the Honda ADV 150 can be your choice for those who want to feel refreshed besides the Honda PCX. Design aside, the ADV's driving impression offering is far different from the PCX. However, it cannot be denied that there is a price to be paid with its recency.

As we mentioned earlier, the Honda ADV 150 is priced more expensive. The CBS version as the lowest variant is sold for IDR 34,742 million. While the price of the Honda ADV 150 is pegged at IDR 37.805 million. Unlike the basic version, this type is equipped with an ABS (anti-lock braking system) braking system on the front wheels.