Honda Genio 2021 is the right scooter for students, consider its strengths and w

Honda Genio 2021 is the right scooter for students, consider its strengths and w
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Since mid-2019 was introduced last, Honda Genio 2021 into a new selection entry level scooter Honda , after Honda Beat 2021 Honda Scoopy 2021.

Consumers are being targeted are young stylish and exist.

So do not be surprised if the Honda Genio 2021 is a scooter that is very suitable for use by students to support their activities. Like school, meeting friends and also to express his lifestyle.

In product segmentation, the Honda Genio 2021 is between the Honda Beat and Honda Scoopy. The price is relatively affordable, but has a stylish appearance, like the combination of the two flagship products of PT Astra Honda Motor.

To tempt consumers, the Honda Genio 2021 is Honda's first scooter to be given the latest eSAF (enhanced smart architecture frame) chassis and the latest specification eSP (enhanced smart power) engine.

Honda Genio 2021 is the right scooter for students, consider its strengths and w

The casual design of the Honda Genio 2021 with a rounded shape that looks like the Honda Scoopy but in an economical package. When compared, it looks like the Honda Genio is simpler, compared to the Honda Scoopy.

Even for young people to use it, it won't be difficult. The dimensions are relatively compact, with a length of only 1,869 mm, a width of 692 mm and a height of only 1,061 mm with a wheelbase of 1,256 mm.

Honda Genio 2021 eSP engine.

Given the limited pocket money for school children, it is also appropriate thanks to its economical fuel consumption. The manufacturer claims it can reach 59.1 km / liter with the ECE R40 Euro 3 test method.

The standard features of the Honda Genio 2021 are also considered quite attractive, such as the use of LED headlights, then a digital instrument panel, a magnetic ignition key, a pair of front consoles and a trunk with a power outlet.

Honda released the Genio 2021 with two variant options, namely CBS and CBS-ISS, with prices starting from IDR 17.68 million (CBS) and IDR 18.15 million (CBS-ISS) on the road in Jakarta, with a total of eight attractive color choices. .

Color choices for the Honda Genio 2021, the CBS-ISS variant.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Honda Genio 2021

With a price that is quite affordable for many groups, compact dimensions and economical fuel consumption. It could be said that the Honda Genio 2021 is a wise choice to support student mobility.

The difference between the variants is not much, namely only in the ISS (idling stop system) feature. This feature functions to save fuel, by turning off the engine when it stops for a moment, such as at a red light.

This feature relates to the eSP engine which already has an ACG starter system, which is able to start the engine smoothly, because it no longer uses a starter dynamo.

Don't forget about the after-sales service with a network of official workshops spread across various regions. Parents who buy their children Honda Genio 2021 certainly don't have to worry about after-sales.

The Honda Genio 2021 has a shape similar to the Honda Scoopy 2021.

Here are some of the advantages of the Honda Genio 2021:

Honda Genio 2021 is the right scooter for students, consider its strengths and w

1. In order to save on expenses, you don't need to hesitate anymore at the Honda Genio 2021. Fuel consumption is very economical for daily activities, reaching 59.1 km / liter is clearly not a bad result.

2. Agile control and light weight, will be very suitable for students so that it is not difficult when maneuvering. This is inseparable from the use of the eSAF frame, which weighs only 89 kg (CBS) and 90 kg (CBS-ISS).

3. The eSP 110 cc engine with over stroke specifications makes the performance on the lower to middle pull feel light and full. The piston size is only 47 mm, and the piston measures 63.1 mm.

4. A relatively fresh and new model, making the Honda Genio 2021 suitable for students who need affordable but more exclusive scooters. The model is also not in the market compared to the Honda Scoopy or Honda Beat.

5. Prices are more affordable than Honda Scoopy, but you can get stylish scooters. For information, the cheapest price for the Honda Scoopy in 2021 has almost reached Rp. 20 million, to be exact, Rp. 19.95 million.

6. Regarding storage space, the Honda Genio 2021 is still reliable. There are two open pockets at the front, and luggage behind the seat with a capacity of 14 liters plus a power outlet.

Luggage space for the Honda Genio 2021.

And here are some of the drawbacks of the Honda Genio 2021:

1. The new specification eSP 110 cc engine offers very efficient fuel consumption. So don't expect satisfactory engine performance, especially for the middle-top rotation, something is sacrificed for saving fuel consumption of course.

2. Stylish design with rounded curves, but looks a little less cute than the Honda Scoopy. Indeed, this is a matter of taste, but the designs offered will be less attractive to some consumers.

3. The location of the power outlet to charge the smartphone battery doesn't feel right, because it is behind the seat. Remember, the heat from the engine that can be felt in the trunk can cause damage to the smartphone.

Honda Genio 2021 color choice, CBS variant.

Price of Honda Genio 2021 starting at Rp. 17,68 million

As mentioned above, the Honda Genio 2021 was released with prices starting at Rp. 17.68 million (CBS) and Rp. 18.15 million (CBS-ISS). The difference is Rp. 470 thousand with the difference between the ISS (idling stop system) feature only.

The color choices for the CBS variant are radiant white silver, radiant red black, radiant silver black and radiant brown black. For the CBS-ISS variant there are fabulous red, fabulous white, fabulous matte brown and fabulous matte black color options.


For students with limited pocket money, looking for a motorbike with economical fuel consumption is a must. The Honda Genio 2021 is the most economical entry level scooter product today.

Many parents can still afford the selling price case. The child gets a stylish scooter that can be used everyday, but the parents are not burdened to buy a new motorbike for the child.

Honda Genio 2021 can be the right choice of entry level scooters that are not on the market, but can be owned thanks to the relatively affordable prices for many circles.

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