What is Wrong with my Tap Water?

What is Wrong with my Tap Water?

Tap water looking a little murky or cloudy? We look at the different reasons your tap water is looking less than fresh!

Your tap water can be a variety of colours - all based on different factors.

If it’s white and cloudy, it’s likely something as simple as air bubbles caught in the water. Let the water sit for a few minutes to allow the bubbles to dissipate.

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Cloudy water

If a few minutes settling doesn’t do the trick, or you see small particles at the bottom of your glass, there may be some organic materials, like sediment, lurking in your water. Persistent particles in your water can be fixed by installing a Reverse Osmosis Drinking System, that uses semipermeable membranes to filter your water.

You may also have copper in your water - while this may not change the colour or consistency that you see, it is not good for your health and can cause some serious stomach and digestive issues.

Iron can make your water light pink, all the way to a deep burnt orange. Even if the iron is fully dissolved in your drinking water, it can still stain your clothing as it dries. A water softening system can remove and filer the iron before it hits your body or your clothes!

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This pink or orange water can indicate iron in your tap water!

Finally, tannins can cause yellowed water from natural fermentation. While not harmful in themselves, tannins present in your water can indicate you have some contamination from the surface level. Adding a filter is good practice in this case to ensure you are removing the things you can’t see in your water!

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Tannins in your water - probably not quite the refreshing drink your were hoping for!

Interested in learning more about the type of filter best suited to your tap water issues? Reach out to the team at 5 Star Water Solutions HERE!

With nearly thirty years of experience with water softeners, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, and water treatment options, the 5 Star Water Solutions team can help you find the solution that’s best for you and your family!