Reverse Osmosis – the ultimate for safe, clean drinking water

Reverse Osmosis – the ultimate for safe, clean drinking  water

How a reverse osmosis filter will protect your health and provide you with safe, clean crystal clear water.

Our previous article “Water Problems in Kitchener Waterloo” explained the problems and potential damage to pipes, fittings and appliances caused by hard water. It also explained that the use of chlorine in the municipal water supply is essential for hygiene but can have bad effects on your health.

This article explains why it is even more important to remove all the impurities in the water you drink.

Our water softeners will protect your plumbing, your appliances and shower doors from calcium buildup and other problems associated with hard water. To get the maximum protection for your health, you need to add a further level of protection for the water you drink.

The Kinetico K5 Drinking Water System

Our Kinetico system uses reverse osmosis to provide you with safe, clean, crystal clear drinking water.

For a history of reverse osmosis and how it works, read this explanation on Wikipedia.

It uses four filtration stages and can let you customize your system to the exact needs of your household and incoming water supply.

Here is How it Works

• Pre filter to remove chlorine, chloramines, sediment.

• A reverse osmosis membrane to remove inorganic compounds, metals and nitrates. This stage removes particles as small as one sixteenth the diameter of a human hair.

• Since the process is very slow, a holding tank will allow water to be available at any time and is refilled as water is used.

• Post filter to remove organic compounds which cause bad taste and odours.

• Dual flex filters make the K5 customizable for your exact requirements.

Kinetico, reverse osmosis, system, drinking water, filtered water

Kinetico Reverse Osmosis System

Possible customization includes:

• Bio filter to remove over 99% of viruses and bacteria.

• Specialized filter to remove volatile organic compounds, arsenic or perchlorates.

• Cartridge to add beneficial minerals back into your water.

These options can be changed to meet your changing requirements over time or to adapt to changes in the quality of your water supply (ie. if you convert from water from a well to municipal supply). For more information on all our water softeners, de-chlorinator and filtration systems, visit our website.

Reverse Osmosis is recognized as the most effective system for water filtration. It is the system used in more than 15,200 desalination plants established worldwide by 2001.

One of the largest reverse osmosis desalination plants in the world is the Cape Coral plant in Florida which produces 15 million gallons of fresh water per day.

This means that the reverse osmosis technology is tried, tested and effective.

North Cape Coral Plant, florida, desalination plant, reverse osmosis

North Cape Coral Plant in Florida


Earlier types of stand-alone, small reverse osmosis filters only recovered 10 – 15% of the water, the balance being discharged as waste.

Our Kinetico K5 system overcomes that problem thanks to the EverClean® Rinse which uses high quality water to clean itself to keep the system in top working order and extend the membrane's life.

Our domestic system will produce 75 gallons or 283 litres of crystal clear water each day.

Additional features like the PureMometer® Filter Life Indicator let you know when it's time for filter changes and prevent you from pushing the filters past their capacities or changing too early and wasting valuable capacity. The sanitary filters are easily changed by a simple ¼ turn.

To find out how our Kinetico K5 water system can keep your family healthy and enjoying clean crystal clear water all year round, click our “Ask The Expert “ button at the bottom of this page.