Let Them All Have Home Control!

Let Them All Have Home Control!

Meet Lutron's newest addition to the Home Control Family: RA2 Select

(Photo copyright Lutron, 2017)

You asked, Lutron listened.

Prior to this, we were proud to offer 2 Lutron Home Control systems: the entry level Lutron Caseta Wireless system, allowing homeowners to simplify and save time, energy and money by controlling up to 49 devices throughout their home via their smartphone or tablet, or, for those that wanted a more robust system, Lutron's RadioRA 2 Home Control System, which allowed homeowners to control up to 190 devices, but admittedly, this option comes at a significantly higher price tag. The old adage you get what you pay for certainly applies, but this did leave a gap in the market, one that Lutron has filled, and we couldn't be more excited.

Introducing: RA2 Select

RA2 Select is a step down from its predecessor, RadioRA 2, but far more advanced than Caseta, and it comes at a far more palatable price point than it's big brother, while still providing homeowners a bevy of home control bells and whistles to allow them to simplify their home and their life, all while still providing the slick, clean look we have come to expect, and simultaneously love, from Lutron.

"#TipTuesday - Lutron's RA2 Select Home Control System". YouTube, uploaded by Holly Parsons, 19 September 2017, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eszlnA7Zpdk

If you have been waiting to take the home control plunge, now is definitely the time. An onsite consultation with one of our Certified Lutron Home Control Experts can show you just how big of a difference a well designed home control system will make in your home, and your life. Let's chat.