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Learning to face and embrace the cold weather

SNOW is a four letter word. Whether you rejoice in-- or curse it's arrival-- it is here.

Learning to face and embrace the cold weather

It's hard to get up in the morning when it's dark and cold, but this is a breakfast worth getting up for.

Recipes by Mark McEwan

Rise and Shine Peach Pancakes

Canadian star chef Mark McEwan starts the day off bright with these tasty pancakes.

Made with iconic Canadian wheat and topped with just a touch of sweetness-- homemade peach preserves.


Minimizing the risks of winter

Learning to face and embrace the cold weather

Snow Shovelling

Canadians know how to prepare for winter. The snow tires go on, the washer fluid is changed to the winter formula and the shovels come out.

Warm coats, boots and gloves take prime space in the closet.

Before you head out to clear the driveway, save time (and your back) with these great tips from:

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