Do You Need a Water Softener? The Top 5 Benefits to Water Softening Solutions.

Do You Need a Water Softener? The Top 5 Benefits to Water Softening Solutions.

Is your water leaving your skin and hair dried out? Do your appliances take a beating? Click here to see if you should consider installing a water softener!

A water softener removes unwanted minerals that cause your water to be ‘hard’ - in most cases, these minerals are calcium and magnesium. From the water you use for laundry to your drinking water, water softeners have an incredible range of benefits. Take a look at the top five below!

1) Extend the life-cycle of your plumbing and fixtures

By removing minerals like calcium, magnesium, and even iron, water softeners make life easier for your plumbing and fixtures by saving them from scale build-up. This will mean less maintenance and cleaning for your plumbing.

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Avoid scale build-up on your fixtures and plumbing!

2) Save money on cleaning supplies!

With a water softener, you’ll use up to 75% less soap, shampoo, cleaners, and detergents to get the job done. You will see more lather and suds with less soap.

3) Keep Your Clothes Fresh

When your clothes are washed in hard water, they won’t be as clean, and the fabrics will be more roughed up in your laundry machine. By adding a water softener, your clothes will be cleaner and last longer. The soap will be able to rinse clean rather than get caught in the fibers.

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Keep clothes cleaner and softer!

4) Give your skin a break

A water softener removes many of the causes of dry skin and hair - leaving your skin and hair naturally moisturized, and reducing the need for chemical products. Your natural skin oils will be allowed to come through without that sticky soap residue.

5) Extend the life of your appliances

Any appliances that use water, like your dishwasher and washing machine, will last longer and perform better because the scale build up will be eliminated!

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Keep your dishwasher running longer - and more efficiently!

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