Who Are The Best Landscape Designers?

Who Are The Best Landscape Designers?
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Finding reliable landscape designers can be a challenge. So what can we learn from looking at the best landscape designers? Find out in this article!

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Landscape design is often overlooked when it comes to architecture. However, landscape plays a vital role in making an ordinary home or building come to life!

Luis Barragan, an influential architect from Mexico, stated: “I don’t divide architecture, landscape, and gardening. To me, they are one.” This powerful statement reminds us how the landscape plays an integral role in architecture. Designing an attractive garden for any building should be prioritised as much as the structure’s design.

Those who specialise in designing these beautiful outdoor works of art go by many names, including landscape architects, designers, or simply gardeners.

But no matter which name they choose to go by, the best landscape designers should always provide high-quality landscape designs that meet their client’s needs and budgets.

This article will see what defines a good landscape designer and what you should expect from your landscape architect. Then we will gather inspiration from the incredible gardens created by real landscape design companies in New York and London. We will also look at some of the best landscape designers in Sydney and see what we can learn from them. Let’s get started!

What Makes A Good Landscape Designer?

One of the first stages to becoming a good landscape designer is knowledge. The best landscape designers will have extensive knowledge of both flowers AND fauna. Thanks to this expertise, they will know what plants grow best in different locations and climates, what soil they grow best in, and what maintenance they require. In addition, experienced landscape designers can use their expertise to incorporate various plant colours and textures to create depth and interest.

We also mention fauna because a good designer must understand which animals are attracted or repelled by each plant, to better meet the needs of both the client and the environment.

Planning is another essential key to being a good landscape designer. An experienced landscape architect will carefully plan out their designs. The best landscape designers will use CAD (Computer-Aided Design) to create a 3D visualisation of their project, which leads to a successful design outcome.

A good landscape design artist will also be creative. They should construct unique designs and transform a simple area into something pleasing to the eye and functional! Experienced designers know how to create a landscape that suits their clients’ style and maximises the potential of their outdoor space.

Of course, the best landscape designers will establish clear and open communication with their customers to ensure they are always delighted with the result.

So now we have defined what makes a good landscape designer; let’s see some of them in action!

Landscape Designers New York

landscape designers

Picture from Todd Haiman landscape design

Our first example is a landscape design team based in New York. You can see how they have demonstrated their abilities by transforming this roof into a breath-taking paradise. They have definitely helped this client maximise their outdoor space and create a beautiful yet functional place to relax after a long workday.

Who Are The Best Landscape Designers?

Picture from Todd Haiman landscape design

Here, they have again transformed a dull roof space into this comfortable garden sanctuary. The landscapers have entirely redesigned this area by including a range of plants, including natives, edibles and perennials. The planters help to separate and define the different areas of this space.

Landscape Designers Sydney

landscape designers sydney

Landscape Designers Sydney

Picture from https://www.dapplelandscapedesign.com.au/

These expert landscape designers in Sydney have taken a relatively small garden space and created a simple yet elegant outdoor area! In addition, they have incorporated various bushes, trees and hedges to add texture and depth to this design.

The clean-cut symmetrical lines of the patio, stepping stones, and hedges give this design a modern, contemporary feel.

These Sydney landscape designers have genuinely used their expertise to design an outdoor space that is attractive, functional, and still extremely simple for their clients to maintain.

landscape designers Sydney

Landscape Designers Sydney

Picture from https://www.dapplelandscapedesign.com.au/

As mentioned previously, sound planning is an essential part of a successful landscape design.

These Sydney landscape designers stand out from their competition with their online garden planning service. This 3D modelling software allows you to create a detailed plan for your garden project.

Their unique approach to this service provides you with a 3D perspective, so you can transform and visualise every part of your new garden before you make any final decisions.

This innovative idea has helped many of their clients achieve the outdoor space of their dreams!

Landscape Designers London

Who Are The Best Landscape Designers?

Landscape designers

Picture from John Davies landscape

London’s small, urban gardens can be a challenge to design, but this landscaping team have succeeded in creating these stunning urban outdoor spaces! They have perfectly mixed the earthy wooden textures with beautiful overflowing greenery. These designers have also incorporated lighting into this design to be enjoyed at any time of day.

Who Are The Best Landscape Designers?

Landscape designers

Picture from John Davies landscape

This project shows how they have used a water feature to add interest, while the lighting and flora perfectly compliment the modern London architecture.

What We Have Learned

From just these few examples, we have seen the stunning outdoor areas that can be designed when you choose a great landscape designer.

The best landscape architects are knowledgeable, innovative, and pay careful attention to detail. They also carefully plan every landscape project they undertake. This advance planning ensures that they maximise the available space, and consider the existing architecture, to create a fantastic garden design that perfectly complements your home or business.

So if you would like a garden design that is eye-catching yet functional for daily use, then it is essential to choose a good landscape designer.

Find The Best Landscape Designer For You

If you are looking for one of the best landscape designers in Sydney, contact Dapple Designs! They are an experienced, professional team of landscape architects dedicated to creating exceptional outdoor living spaces that suit your needs and budget.

Their horticulturalists are incredibly knowledgeable about plants and the local environment.

They tailor every project to their client’s needs, and no project is too big or small for them to handle. In addition, their 3D online garden design plan means you can get involved in the design process and make sure it is precisely what you want before proceeding with garden construction!

Their careful planning, excellent customer service, and attention to detail make them a perfect choice for all your landscape design needs.

You can use the contact details below to get in touch with them and start designing your dream garden today!


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