Sugar is NOT your Friend

Sugar is NOT your Friend

When it comes to sugar it can be deceiving what is good or not for your well being Be informed

When it comes to sugar, your brain sees it as if it is a drug.

Did you know that sugar is even more addictive than heroin?

And, if you try to cut it out, it leaves your body with the same symptoms of withdrawal as any other addiction?

It also causes a myriad of brutal health conditions including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and a long list of avoidable health conditions.

Sugar is the great mental shell game, leaving us sick, tired, fat and addicted, and it is time for all humanity to understand what we are dealing with to create better health.

"If you knew better, you would do better." Maya Angelou

50 Shades of Sugar

There is dextrose, corn syrup, maltose, molasses, to name a few. To identify added sugar look at the ingredients, not the nutritional panel.

Honey, maple syrup, rice malt syrup, coconut sugar, agave, are STILL sugars. They may be healthier choices however not likely good for you in large portions. Pay attention and limit added sugars even the healthier options

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Sugar is addictive

When it comes to sugar, your brain can be better and you can remove these addictive substances from your life, with a few simple shifts.

  • Stop buying processed foods
  • Make your own salad dressing
  • STOP Soda Drinks
  • Choose whole, fresh fruit over Juice Drinks
  • Don’t keep treats in the house
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Don't keep Treats in the house

Heaven Scent is an Alternative Health Clinic and can help you with changing the way you fuel your brain through what you eat. Give us a call 519.433.3434

For more ideas check out this article 12 Way to Cut Sugar from your diet

Here’s a link Nutritionist Nancy Appleton on “146 Reasons Why Sugar Is Ruining Your Health”.

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