How to find the printer IP address

How to find the printer IP address

How to find the printer IP address

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It is important to know the IP address of your printer if you want to connect it to the network or troubleshoot any problems. Your printer's IP address is somewhat similar to street addresses. Without it, you cannot send your printer any print jobs or give it any other requests. Here's how to find your printer's IP address on a Mac or Windows computer.

How to find the printer IP address in Windows 10

There are two ways to print your IP address from a Windows 10 desktop or laptop. The easiest way to find it on the dashboard. Here's how:

Type "Control Panel" in the search box. This is the button with a magnifying glass near the Start menu in the lower left corner of your screen.

Click Devices and Printers.

Right-click on a printer and select Properties.

Select the Web Services tab. The IP address should be at the bottom of the "Device Information" and dashboard troubleshooting.

If you cannot find your printer in the control panel, you can perform a more intense search using a command prompt.