Effective HP Printer Troubleshooting Guide 2020

Effective HP Printer Troubleshooting Guide 2020

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This article covers a common troubleshooting guide for fixing HP printer problems for both Windows and Mac operating systems. By following these instructions, you will be able to return your HP printer again in working condition.

Steps to troubleshoot an HP printer

To troubleshoot HP printer problems, we have listed some helpful tips. By following these steps, you will be able to troubleshoot HP printer problems.

1. Check the primary connection

If you’re having trouble with an HP printer and computer due to connectivity, follow these steps:

First unplug the power cord from the printer and disconnect the computer power cord.

Disconnect the HP printer from the computer

Disconnect the printing system

Wait a moment, plug the power cord of your HP printer and turn on the computer

Now print a test. With these basic troubleshooting steps, you can easily solve the HP printer connection issue.

If your HP printer does not print color text, or if you are experiencing any other printing issues, the best solution is to update or reinstall the printer driver. You can do this easily by following the steps below -

2. Reinstall Printer Driver

Go to the search option and type "Run" to open the dialog box.

Now type "devmgmt.msc" in the dialog box as shown below and click "OK".

After that, Windows Device Manager will open on your screen

Now expand the "Print Queues" category by double-clicking on it as shown in the image below.

Right-click on the printer name listed under this category and click "Update Driver" from the menu.

Click "Update Driver" in the menu

Finally, you need to wait for the update to finish downloading, then follow the instructions on the screen.

2. Fix Paper jam

Paper jam is one of the most common problems with HP printers. Paper jam is a term used to describe a situation when print materials are deposited (may or may not be literal) or affixed to a computer printer. Users who experience this printer error will not be able to remove or remove print media. This means that your business' full printing will stop if you encounter a paper jam.

If you fail to clean and maintain the printer regularly or if you use the wrong type of paper, you may encounter a problem with this HP printer. However, using the right paper type and cleaning the printer correctly at regular intervals will help you to get away from this annoying HP printer error.

Some HP printers are more prone to paper jam. For example, HP printers that hold paper vertically and pull it down across the machine will encounter occasional paper jams. These models are not suitable for heavy use. So, if you use such a printer in your office for heavy print jobs, consider replacing it with the newer HP printer models.

Ghosting is often seen as one of the most troublesome HP printer issues, which impairs printouts in the office. Ghosting is actually a condition in which images are printed without any problem, but the frustrating part is that the low-quality picture or text from the main document may also appear in the final output. Usually, these problems are prevalent in the case of LaserJet printers.

Typically, problems with shadows occur in computer printers when there is a problem with the power port, which supplies power to the device. Therefore, users who experience this problem must initially connect the printer to a different power source. You also need to restart your computer as well as connected devices to see if this works or not.

Another important thing that users should notice is that the consumable parts of your printer such as the imaging kit and drum can be used to print a certain amount of pages. If you have already exceeded the number of pages, you may need to replace all of these parts consumed in order to solve the problem of shadows.

3. Fix Printer driver problems

A recent survey showed that many computer users are not interested in updating applications and other software on their computers to the latest version. Shockingly, most of the computer printer problems you encounter may be caused by using an outdated printer driver. This means that updating the printer driver for your computer to the latest available version may help you fix at least some HP printer problems.

Fix Common HP printer problems

Note that if you recently updated your computer's operating system to Windows 10, you might not be able to print documents either. This is because the printer driver, which you used in older versions of Windows, is not supported by the new operating system. You need to install the latest printer driver updates to fix the problem.