Simply a great place to work….

Simply a great place to work….

Becoming a St John Ambulance First Aid instructor offers not only additional income, flexible hours, and great support– it’s meaningful work that saves lives.

By John W. Thompson

I crashed into retirement full speed continuing contract work with my former employer, volunteering and teaching at SJA, while launching a small photography business.

Soon I realized I was missing out on the traditional post-retirement benefits of more family time, travel, gardening and rest.

So after two years on a new treadmill, I decided to cut back.

Many things fell by the wayside, but not St. John Ambulance, here’s why…

John  training oxygen First Aid St John Ambulance

Additional Income, Flexible Hours, Great Support

Today I teach a flexible schedule of public and private classes at St. John Ambulance. Whatever your situation or background, St. John Ambulance is a marvelous opportunity.

The small but mighty administration team at Kitchener Waterloo-SJA really tries to accommodate personal schedules. You can teach up to every day or every other week or not at all for a period.

The KW-SJA team are well able to answer medical or instructor questions. They show their appreciation and respect as well, providing positive feedback and growth opportunities.

First Aid instructor training St John Ambulance Kitchener Waterloo CPR

Instructors in Training

Photo: John W. Thompson

Meaningful Work

Taking a first aid course to learn how to save a life is an important life skill. Becoming an instructor accelerates that learning and confidence to take charge and do the right thing in these stressful situations.

There is no better way to increase proficiency with a skill than to teach it. “We don’t rise to the occasion, we fall back to our level of training.” It strikes home even more when you consider 85% of the time first aid is performed on people we know.

First Aid Course Instruction

First Aid Course students at St. John Ambulance, Kitchener-Waterloo Branch

Photo: Mosaic Mind Pictures

Outstanding Learning experience

Knowledge of emergency and pre-hospital medical care is infinite, fascinating and ongoing. Much of the learning comes from students and fellow instructors who share stories.

Community Service;

St John Ambulance is the oldest international charitable organization in the world , for some 900+ years now. It has a rich medical, military and religious history.

St. John Ambulance Canada

In the modern era, St. John Ambulance training revenues fund so many worthwhile local community and international programs including the Medical First Responder Service program , Therapy Dogs Program, Youth Services, and Home Caregiver Support Program, amongst others.

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John Thompson is actively retired after a four-decade career in the publishing industry. Currently he teaches a variety of First Aid courses and volunteers as a Medical First Responder.