Protocols for Achieving Coaching EXCELLENCE

Protocols for Achieving Coaching EXCELLENCE

PACE™ is a complete breakthrough process, using the best of old and new code NLP developed into a protocol you can use with all your clients.

What if you had a practical method that directed and guided you as a Coach, specifically to your choices at every step of the way AND increased the wholeness of your practice?

What if you had 100% confidence that you are doing the right thing at the right time using a proven coaching protocol to ensure your client's success?

PACE™ is a complete breakthrough process, using the best of old and new code NLP developed into a protocol you can use to address ANY issue your client brings to the table.

With PACE™ you will:

~Breakthrough with clients quickly and effectively,

~Learn strategies that allow you to gather concrete evidence and offer guarantees,

~Sequence your NLP and TLT® tool set,

~Master & apply ALL your skills,

~Learn ZTPI – statistical evidence that your client got the change they seek and a tool for you to identify issues that need work,

~Use Values elicitation - a critical element of coaching,

~Detailed Personal History – an outlined template,

~Session sequencing,

~Tasking that guarantees results!

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Imagine if you hit a home run with each client you worked with? PACE™ is years of research, inclusive of the many different schools of NLP and related fields of neuro-science, and successfully delivered as it has evolved over years of successful coaching.

Whether you are brand new to NLP and unsure how to start or have been coaching for years and want to make a greater impact in your clients life, PACE™ will provide you answers. NLP coaches (including Master coaches and Trainers) often learn and use the skills well, but aren't always exactly sure how to best apply them in practice and how to troubleshoot when they don't get amazing results.

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PACE™ is developed for the practitioner to follow a step-by-step protocol that goes from root cause to successful future in eight sessions.

Investing in the 5-Day PACE™ Protocols to Achieve Coaching Excellence Training will create confidence and refine your skills to become totally certain in your ability to move and guide your clients through a personal breakthrough!

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