Physiotherapy & Chiropractors In Waterloo Region

Physiotherapy & Chiropractors In Waterloo Region

Your guide to Physiotherapy & Chiropractors in Waterloo Region

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Dr. Sara O'Neill, DC

Physiotherapy & Chiropractors In Waterloo Region

The principal technique of chiropractic used in our practice is called Network Spinal Analysis, which is a low-force technique that taps into the body's innate capacity to release stress and promote healing. We seek to promote a holistic approach to wellness, that allows each of our practice members to reach their goals

Contact Dr. Sara O'Neill

6 Downey St.

Kitchener, ON

Phone: 519-880-0003

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Breslau Chiropractic

Physiotherapy & Chiropractors In Waterloo Region

Breslau chiropractic is here to help relieve your aches and pains to maintain optimal function in sports and everyday life. The aim of our clinic is to help you achieve your goal.

Contact Breslau Chiropractic

Unit 2 - 79 Woolwich St South

Breslau, ON

Phone: 226-899-2413

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Advanced Pain Relief

Physiotherapy & Chiropractors In Waterloo Region

At Advanced Pain Relief we use advancements in technology and functional applications, not drugs or surgery to reduce and eliminate pain.

Contact Advanced Pain Relief

204-385 Fairway Rd. S

Kitchener, ON

Phone: 519-885-3500

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A Body In Motion Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy & Chiropractors In Waterloo Region

A Body In Motion Rehabilitation is an innovative physiotherapy clinic where our mission is to assist you in achieving total body health and wellness. Movement freedom is the key to obtaining the highest quality of life and as health care professionals; we are dedicated to helping you achieve this goal.

Contact A Body In Motion Rehabilitation

70 Victoria St. N,

Kitchener, ON

Phone: 519-579-3746

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What is Physiotherapy and your first visit

Depth Training & Physiotherapy

Depth Training & Physiotherapy is a high performance sports training and rehabilitation facility offering Performance athletic training, fitness, and rehab. Focusing on Strength & Conditioning, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy.

Contact Depth Training & Physiotherapy

483 Conestogo Rd

Waterloo, ON

Phone: 226-748-9494

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Fairway Chiropractic Centre

Our Chiropractic clinic is a place for relief as well as wellness. Dr Murdoch has over 20 years of experience serving patients in the Kitchener and Waterloo area.

Contact Fairway Chiropractic Centre

5 Manitou Drive

Kitchener, ON

Phone: 519-748-5535

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Good Practice Physiotherapy

Restoring the physical function and performance of each unique individual.

Contact Good Practice Physiotherapy

620 Davenport Rd #20

Waterloo, ON

Phone: 226-220-7757


Inspire Health and Wellness

A relaxing wellness-based natural health clinic. Our dedicated practitioners are trained and experienced at diagnosing and treating a variety of common complaints and conditions including back pain, headaches, pregnancy related aches and pains and sport injuries to name a few. Our team-based approach to care allows us to quickly and efficiently treat your aches and pains as we work together to get you back to your activities.

Contact Inspire Health and Wellness

525 Belmont Ave W #107

Kitchener, ON

Phone: 519-745-1331

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Martin Chiropractic Clinic

Dr. Scott Martin is the Waterloo chiropractor at the helm of Martin Chiropractic Clinic serving Waterloo and Kitchener. Better performance and health are just around the corner.Providing quality chiropractic care to Waterloo families for over 25 years.

Contact Martin Chiropractic Clinic

57 Albert St,

Waterloo, ON

Phone: 519-886-2570

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SOS Physiotherapy

For over 25 years SOS Physiotherapy has been providing healthcare services in the Kitchener – Waterloo area including: Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Custom Knee Bracing and Orthopedic Supply, Acupuncture, KW Pelvic Health, KW Custom Upper-extremity Splinting, Osteopathy, personalized exercise programs, FITforeGOLF™, and Custom-made Foot Orthotics.

Contact SOS Physiotherapy

564 Belmont Ave W # 301

Kitchener, ON

Phone: 519-743-4355

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The Spinal Garage Chiropractic Wellness Centre

Welcome to The Spinal Garage Chiropractic Wellness Centre At your first visit to The Spinal Garage Wellness Centre, our chiropractors will explain the science behind how chiropractic care works, and give you a full evaluation to see if chiropractic care is right for you. If there is a good fit, we can develop a plan of chiropractic care that is specific to your condition and health goals.

Contact The Spinal Garage Chiropractic Wellness Centre

1615 Highland Rd W

Kitchener, ON

Phone: 519-603-5433

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Waterloo Physiotherapy Massage Rehabilitation

Waterloo Physiotherapy Massage & Rehabilitation is a patient-centered, multi-disciplinary rehabilitation clinic that offers one-on-one treatment sessions to allow for in depth care and to maximize your recovery after a work related (WSIB), motor vehicle accident (MVA) related, recreational or post-surgical injury. The Waterloo Physiotherapy team of health-care professionals are fully certified, experienced and committed to deliver and provide exceptional care with respect to patient health and well being.

Contact Waterloo Physiotherapy Massage Rehabilitation

366 King St N #2

Waterloo, ON

Phone: 519-954-5146


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